SICB Annual Meeting 2017
January 4-8, 2017
New Orleans, LA

Workshop: Evolutionary Impacts of Seasonality

(Accompanies Symposium S4 – Evolutionary Impacts of Seasonality)

January 7, 2017, 12:00-1:30pm, Room 215/216

Organisms living in seasonal environments experience fluctuating selection pressures that influence their ecology and physiology, and drive their evolution. The symposium “Evolutionary Impacts of Seasonality” aims to highlight current research in plants and animals elucidating the complex interactions of life history decisions, environmental sensitivity, and genetic architecture in determining evolutionary responses to past and contemporary changes in seasonality. This workshop is complementary to this symposium, offering an opportunity for symposium speakers and other interested participants to synthesize progress in the field, identify knowledge gaps, and suggest a way forward. The workshop will include a catered lunch, so space is limited. Interested SICB attendees should contact the symposium organizers during the symposium to reserve a place.