SICB 2017 Meeting, New Orleans, LA, January 4-8, 2017

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Session Listing

Session Other Events Wednesday

Day: Wednesday, Jan. 4

 Wednesday, Jan. 4  Other Events Wednesday12:00  Hall C   Exhibitor Set up  
 Wednesday, Jan. 4  Other Events Wednesday12:00  Room 230   Speaker Ready Room  
 Wednesday, Jan. 4  Other Events Wednesday14:30  Royal, Hilton Hotel   Executive Committee Meeting  
 Wednesday, Jan. 4  Other Events Wednesday15:00  Hall C   Registration  
 Wednesday, Jan. 4  Other Events Wednesday15:00  Hilton Hotel, Bridge Room   Workshop: X-ray Computed Tomography: It's Not Just For Bone!  
 Wednesday, Jan. 4  Other Events Wednesday17:30  Grand Ballroom A/B, Hilton Hotel   Student worker orientation & first timer orientation "how to get the most out of your SICB meeting" *required for students with Charlotte Magum support  
 Wednesday, Jan. 4  Other Events Wednesday20:30  Grand Ballroom C/D, Hilton Hotel   Welcome Reception  

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