SICB Annual Meeting 2017
January 4-8, 2017
New Orleans, LA

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List of Sessions

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S1Thursday, 08:00-15:30Symposium: Indirect Effects of Global Change: from Physiological and Behavioral Mechanisms to Ecological ConsequencesChair(s): Alex Gunderson, Jonathon Stillman
S2Thursday, 08:00-15:30Symposium: The Ecology of Exercise: Mechanisms Underlying Individual Variation in Movement Behavior, Activity or PerformanceChair(s): Tony Williams, Shaun Killen
S3Thursday, 08:00-15:30Symposium: Molecular and Neuroendocrine Approaches to Understanding Tradeoffs: Food, Sex, Aggression, Stress, and LongevityChair(s): Jill Schneider, Pierre Deviche
S4Friday, 07:50-15:30Symposium: Evolutionary Impacts of SeasonalityChair(s): Caroline Williams, Greg Ragland
S5Friday, 08:00-15:30Symposium: With a Little Help from My Friends: Microbial Partners in Integrative and Comparative BiologyChair(s): Kevin Kohl, Denise Dearing
S6Friday, 08:00-15:30Symposium: Integrating Cognitive, Motivational and Sensory Biases Underlying Acoustic and Multimodal Mate ChoiceChair(s): Kathleen Lynch, Scott MacDougall-Shackleton
S7Saturday, 08:00-15:30Symposium: The Evolution of Arthropod Body Plans – Integrating Phylogeny, Fossils and DevelopmentChair(s): Ariel Chapman, Doug Erwin
S8Saturday, 08:00-15:30Symposium: Integrative Life-History of Whole-Organism PerformanceChair(s): Simon Lailvaux, Jerry Husak
S9Sunday, 07:45-15:30Symposium: The Development and Mechanisms Underlying Inter-individual Variation in Pro-social BehaviorChair(s): Ben Dantzer, Dustin Rubenstein
S10Sunday, 07:45-15:30Symposium: Physical and Genetic Mechanisms for Evolutionary NoveltyChair(s): Stuart Newman, Tom Stewart
S11Sunday, 08:00-15:30Symposium: Low Spatial Resolution Vision - Function and EvolutionChair(s): Anders Garm

Contributed Oral Presentations
PLENWednesday, 19:30-20:30Plenary Lecture
BARTThursday, 19:00-20:00Bartholomew Lecture
BERNFriday, 19:00-20:00Bern Lecture
AMSFriday, 19:30-20:30AMS Lecture
AMSFriday, 19:30-20:30AMS Lecture
MOORESunday, 15:45-16:45Moore Lecture
1Thursday, 08:00-09:45Evolution of Complex TraitsChair(s): Jacqueline Moustakas-Verho
2Thursday, 08:00-09:45Fluids and Flow IChair(s): Frank Fish, Kelsey Lucas
3Thursday, 08:15-09:45Larval EcologyChair(s): Molly Jacobs, Jason Hodin
4Thursday, 08:00-09:30Muscle Physiology and MechanicsChair(s): Nicolai Konow, Anthony Hessel
5Thursday, 08:00-09:45Thermal AdaptationChair(s): Morgan Kelly
6Thursday, 08:00-09:45Phylogenetics IChair(s): Greg Rouse
7Thursday, 08:15-09:45Disease Ecology I: Host-Parasite/Pathogen InteractionsChair(s): Cynthia Downs, Rudolf Schilder
8Thursday, 08:30-09:30Crustacean EndocrinologyChair(s): Amir Sagi, Sherry Tamone
9Thursday, 08:00-10:00Collective BehaviorChair(s): Michael Greene
10Thursday, 08:15-10:00Evolution of Communication SystemsChair(s): Nate Morehouse
11Thursday, 08:00-09:45Population GeneticsChair(s): Jake Lasala
12Thursday, 08:00-09:45Predators and Prey IChair(s): Megan Porter
13Thursday, 10:15-12:00Evo-devo: Developmental Origins of Shape VariationChair(s): Craig Albertson
14Thursday, 10:15-12:00Biomaterials IChair(s): Mason Dean, Cheryl Wilga
15Thursday, 10:15-12:00Coral Reef BiologyChair(s): Mikhail Matz
16Thursday, 10:00-12:00Elastic MechanismsChair(s): Manny Azizi, Jeffrey Olberding
17Thursday, 10:15-12:00Flight IChair(s): Bo Cheng
18Thursday, 10:15-11:45Phylogenetics IIChair(s): Kevin Kocot
19Thursday, 10:30-12:00Disease Ecology II: Host-Pathogen Population DynamicsChair(s): James Adelman, Maxine Zylberberg
20Thursday, 10:15-12:00Aubrey Gorbman Award – DCE Best Student PresentationChair(s): Laura Carruth, Rosemary Knapp
21Thursday, 10:30-12:00Behavioral SyndromesChair(s): Danielle Lee
22Thursday, 10:30-12:00Genetics of Communication and Social BehaviorsChair(s): David Stern
23Thursday, 10:15-12:00DNB Best Student PresentationsChair(s): Paul Moore
24Thursday, 10:15-12:00Predators and Prey IIChair(s): Roi Holzman, Yu Zeng
25Thursday, 13:30-15:30Evo-devo: Morphogenesis and OrganogenesisChair(s): Arkhat Abzhanov, Hui Yang
26Thursday, 13:45-15:30Biomaterials IIChair(s): Christopher Kenaley, Marianne Porter
27Thursday, 13:30-15:30Conservation BiologyChair(s): Richard Tracy
28Thursday, 13:30-15:30Complemetary to S5: With a Little Help from My Friends: Microbial Partners in Integrative and Comparative BiologyChair(s): Khrys Duddleston
29Thursday, 13:30-15:30Evolutionary BiomechanicsChair(s): Martha Munoz, Charlene McCord
30Thursday, 13:30-15:15MacroevolutionChair(s): Julia Sigwart
31Thursday, 13:45-15:15Temperature Effects on Morphology and PerformanceChair(s): Gary Burness
32Thursday, 13:30-15:30Terrestrial LocomotionChair(s): David Lee
33Thursday, 13:30-15:15Species DelimitationChair(s): Evon Hekkala
34Thursday, 13:30-15:15DAB Best Student PresentationChair(s): Jenny Gumm
35Thursday, 13:30-15:15Neuroethology of Predator-Prey InteractionsChair(s): Matt McHenry
36Thursday, 13:30-15:30Molecular EvolutionChair(s): Anna Savage
37Friday, 08:15-09:45Sexual Selection IChair(s): Paul Joseph
38Friday, 08:00-10:00Huey Award - DEE Best Student PresentationChair(s): Mike Sears
39Friday, 08:00-09:30Complementary to S3 - Molecular and Neuroendocrine Approaches to the Study of Evolutionary Tradeoffs: Food, Sex, Stress, and LongevityChair(s): Jeremy Brozek, Carolyn Bauer
40Friday, 08:00-09:45Complementary to S1 - Indirect Effects of Global Change: from Physiological and Behavioral Mechanisms to Ecological Consequences IChair(s): Ashlee Rowe
41Friday, 08:00-09:30DCB Best Student PresentationChair(s): Melina Hale
42Friday, 08:15-09:45Cardiovascular PhysiologyChair(s): Benjamin Dubansky, Lewis Deaton
43Friday, 08:00-09:45Biogeography and Phylogeography IChair(s): David Jacobs
44Friday, 08:00-09:45Behavioral EndocrinologyChair(s): Michelle Beck, Kendra Sewall
45Friday, 08:00-10:00Behavioral Ecology IChair(s): Peter Zani
46Friday, 08:15-10:00Sensory Biology - Vision IChair(s): Mike Bok
47Friday, 08:00-10:00Evo-devo of Early Metazoans: Insights From Cnidrians, Sponges and SpiraliansChair(s): Amanda Kahn
48Friday, 10:30-11:50Lightning TalksChair(s): Benjamin Perlman
49Friday, 10:15-11:45Ecological MechanicsChair(s): Maya deVries, Emily Carrington
50Friday, 10:00-12:00Complementary to S2 - The Ecology of Exercise: Mechanisms Underlying Individual Variation in Movement Behavior, Activity, or PerformanceChair(s): Jeff Yap, Mitchell Serota
51Friday, 10:15-12:00Complementary to S1 - Indirect Effects of Global Change: from Physiological and Behavioral Mechanisms to Ecological Consequences IIChair(s): Roger Anderson, Christopher Thawley
52Friday, 10:00-12:00Biomaterials III - Fluid InteractionsChair(s): George Lauder, Laura Matloff
53Friday, 10:15-11:30I Dig Your Tail!Chair(s): Chris Clemente
54Friday, 10:15-11:30Biogeography and Phylogeography IIChair(s): Katherine Silliman
55Friday, 10:15-11:45Comparative EndocrinologyChair(s): Kathleen Hunt, Kyle Selcer
56Friday, 10:30-11:45Behavioral Ecology IIChair(s): Victoria Cussen
57Friday, 10:30-12:00Sensory Biology - Vision IIChair(s): Tom Cronin
58Friday, 10:30-12:00Metamorphosis, Life Cycles and RegenerationChair(s): Christy Schnitzer, Bailey Steinworth
59Friday, 13:30-15:15Digestion and Excretion PhysiologyChair(s): Donovan German, Katherine Rott
60Friday, 13:30-15:15Fluids and Flow IIChair(s): Stacy Farina, Andrew Dickerson
61Friday, 13:30-15:30Complementary to S8 - Integrative Life History of Whole-Organism PerformanceChair(s): Sarah McMenamin, Tommy Norin
62Friday, 13:30-15:15Complementary to S1- Indirect Effects of Global Change: from Physiological and Behavioral Mechanisms to Ecological Consequences IIIChair(s): Sarah Humfeld, Ofir Levy
63Friday, 13:30-15:15BioRoboticsChair(s): Jessica Lee, Kaushik Jayaram
64Friday, 13:30-15:30Mechanics of Ventilation and CirculationChair(s): Melissa Kenny
65Friday, 13:30-15:15Biogeography and Phylogeography IIIChair(s): Kirt Onthank
66Friday, 13:30-15:30Evolutionary Morphology IChair(s): Adam Summers
67Friday, 13:45-15:15Parental BehaviorChair(s): Eva Fischer
68Friday, 13:30-15:15Evolutionary Ecology IChair(s): Jeanine Refsnider
69Friday, 13:30-15:30DEDB Best Student PresentationsChair(s): Greg Davis, Yui Suzuki
70Saturday, 08:00-09:45DVM Best Student Presentations Chair(s): Callum Ross
71Saturday, 08:00-09:30Sensory Biology - ChemoreceptionChair(s): Jordanna Sprayberry
72Saturday, 08:00-09:45Stress IChair(s): Roberrt de Bruijn, Haruka Wada
73Saturday, 08:00-09:45Respiration and Acid-Base PhysiologyChair(s): Alysha Cypher, Laura Enzor
74Saturday, 08:00-09:45Complementary to S4 - Evolutionary Impacts of Seasonality IChair(s): Josiah Wagner
75Saturday, 08:15-09:30Evolutionary Ecology IIChair(s): Kirsty MacLeod
76Saturday, 08:00-09:45Energetics IChair(s): Brian Barnes, Kyle Elliott
77Saturday, 08:00-09:45Symbiotic RelationshipsChair(s): Jingchun Li
78Saturday, 08:15-09:45Thermal Physiology IChair(s): John VandenBrooks
79Saturday, 08:00-10:00Communication and AgonismChair(s): Mark Garcia
80Saturday, 08:00-09:45Reproductive BehaviorChair(s): Thomas Small
81Saturday, 08:00-09:30Neuroethology of LocomotionChair(s): Rich Satterlie
82Saturday, 08:00-09:45Complementary to S11 - Low Spatial Resolution Vision: Function and Evolution IChair(s): Lauren Sumner-Rooney
83Saturday, 10:15-11:45Flight IIChair(s): Ashley Heers
84Saturday, 10:00-12:00Locomotion: Variable SubstratesChair(s): Philip Bergmann, Jesse Young
85Saturday, 10:15-12:00Stress IIChair(s): Michael Serrif, Tracy Langkilde
86Saturday, 10:15-12:00Adhesion IChair(s): Daniel DeMartini, Petra Ditsche
87Saturday, 10:15-12:00Complementary to S4 - Evolutionary Impacts of Seasonality IIChair(s): Patrice Kurnath
88Saturday, 10:15-11:45Evolutionary Morphology IIChair(s): Andie Ward
89Saturday, 10:15-11:45Stress Physiology IChair(s): Andrew Esbaugh, Julia Gauberg
90Saturday, 10:15-11:45Morphological Variation: Ontogeny and PlasticityChair(s): Andrew Stoehr, Avery Scherer
91Saturday, 10:30-12:00Thermal Physiology IIChair(s): Heath Macmillan
92Saturday, 10:30-12:00Evolution and Genetics of BehaviorChair(s): Michele Johnson
93Saturday, 10:15-12:00Mating Systems and StrategiesChair(s): Susan Balenger
94Saturday, 10:00-11:45Neuroethology of Insect FlightChair(s): Mark Willis
95Saturday, 10:15-12:00Complimentary to S11 - Low Spatial Resolution Vision: Function and Evolution IIChair(s): Todd Oakley
96Saturday, 10:30-11:45Pollution & BioindicatorsChair(s): Rebecca Calisi
97Saturday, 13:45-15:00Flight IIIChair(s): Jim Usherwood
98Saturday, 13:30-15:30Locomotion: Obstacles and PerturbationsChair(s): Clint Collins
99Saturday, 13:30-15:30EcomorphologyChair(s): Tristan Stayton
100Saturday, 13:30-15:15Adhesion IIChair(s): Jason Nadler, Alexis Noel
101Saturday, 13:30-15:00Complementary to S4 - Evolutionary Impacts of Seasonality IIIChair(s): Danielle Levesque
102Saturday, 13:30-15:15Complementary to S10 - Physical and Genetic Mechanisms for Evolutionary NoveltyChair(s): Tetsuya Nakamura, Leslie Babonis
103Saturday, 13:30-15:30Thermal Tolerance: Coping with Extreme TemperatureChair(s): Zack Darnell
104Saturday, 13:30-15:15Disease and Immunity in Response to Social and Environmental CuesChair(s): Robert Srygley, Travis Wilcoxen
105Saturday, 13:45-14:45Temperature Dependent ReprogrammingChair(s): Luke Hoekstra
106Saturday, 13:30-15:15Comparative Genomics and ProteomicsChair(s): Joseph Heras, Phil Grayson
107Saturday, 13:30-15:15BioacousticsChair(s): Amanda Adams
108Saturday, 13:45-15:15Navigation and OrientationChair(s): Eric Tytell
109Saturday, 13:30-15:00Wake Award:DPCB Best Student PresentationChair(s): Todd Oakley
110Saturday, 13:30-14:30Biophysical EcologyChair(s): Offir Levy
111Sunday, 08:00-09:30Muscle PhysiologyChair(s): Ana Jimenez, Marilyn Ramenofsky
112Sunday, 08:00-09:45Sexual Selection IIChair(s): Robert Cox
113Sunday, 08:00-09:45Evolutionary Physiology IChair(s): Charles Watson
114Sunday, 08:00-09:30Evolutionary Morphology IIIChair(s): Stephanie Crofts
115Sunday, 08:00-09:45Stress IIIChair(s): Michelle Rensel, Christine Lattin
116Sunday, 08:00-09:45AdaptationChair(s): Ryan Martin
117Sunday, 08:00-09:45Feeding: KinematicsChair(s): Patricia Hernandez, Aaron Olsen
118Sunday, 08:00-09:30Swimming IChair(s): Sarah Hoffmann
119Sunday, 08:15-09:30Chemical EcologyChair(s): Lee Smee
120Sunday, 08:00-09:45Behavioral Ecology of Predator-Prey InteractionsChair(s): Matt Steffenson
121Sunday, 08:15-09:45Host Immunity and Immune ResponsesChair(s): Brian Dolan, Carla Madelaire
122Sunday, 08:00-09:45Reproduction and Metabolism IChair(s): Melanie Richter
123Sunday, 10:00-12:00Locomotion: At the Water's EdgeChair(s): Rita Mehta, Yasemin Ozkan Aydin
124Sunday, 10:15-11:45Neuromechanics IChair(s): Brett Aiello
125Sunday, 10:15-12:00Evolutionary Physiology IIChair(s): Art Woods
126Sunday, 10:15-11:45Evolutionary Morphology IVChair(s): Brandon Moore
127Sunday, 10:15-12:00Stress IVChair(s): Maren Vitousek, Adam Lendvai
128Sunday, 10:15-12:00Muscle Function: LocomotionChair(s): Craig McGowan, Christopher Richards
129Sunday, 10:00-12:00Feeding: Bites and StrikesChair(s): Greg Erickson
130Sunday, 10:30-12:00Swimming IIChair(s): Jen Carr
131Sunday, 10:00-12:00Population BiologyChair(s): Michael Sheriff
132Sunday, 10:15-12:00Behavioral and Ecological ToxicologyChair(s): Jacob Johansen
133Sunday, 10:45-12:00Morphogenesis and DifferentiationChair(s): Karen Crawford, Shai Abehsera
134Sunday, 10:15-12:00MetabolismChair(s): Anusha Shankar, Marshall McCue
135Sunday, 13:30-15:15Energetics IIChair(s): Jon Harrison, Karine Saline
136Sunday, 13:30-15:30Neuromechanics IIChair(s): Bradley Dickerson, Orit Peleg
137Sunday, 13:45-15:15Evolutionary Physiology IIIChair(s): Rebecca Clark
138Sunday, 13:30-15:15Evolutionary Morphology VChair(s): Brandon Moore, Julian Smith III
139Sunday, 13:30-14:45Developmental EndocrinologyChair(s): Suvi Ruuskanen, Mikus Abolins-Abols
140Sunday, 13:30-15:00Muscle Function: FeedingChair(s): Ariel Camp
141Sunday, 13:30-14:45Gutting it outChair(s): Samantha Leigh
142Sunday, 13:30-15:00Infection and Immunity Come at a CostChair(s): Elizabeth Schultz, Laura Schoenle
143Sunday, 13:30-15:15BiodiversityChair(s): Zach Stahlschmidt, Donald Miles
144Sunday, 13:45-15:15Mate choice and sexual selectionChair(s): Erica Westerman
145Sunday, 13:30-15:00EducationChair(s): Sarah Woodley, Janice Voltzow
146Sunday, 13:30-15:00Stress Physiology IIChair(s): Leigh Boardman, Shelcie Menard

Contributed Poster Presentations
P1Thursday, 13:30-15:00Poster Session 1
P2Friday, 13:30-15:00Poster Session 2
P3Saturday, 13:30-15:00Poster Session 3