SICB Annual Meeting 2020
January 3-7, 2020
Austin, TX

Symposium S7: Building Bridges from Genome to Phenome: Molecules, Methods and Models

Understanding the mechanistic basis by which genes give rise to both stability and variation in phenotypes is one of the Grand Challenges articulated by NSF. Accordingly, scientists in many disciplines are using a wide variety of organisms and experimental approaches to generate complex datasets at different levels of biological organization, all aiming to elucidate aspects of the genome-to-phenome framework. The goals of Building Bridges Symposium and related oral and poster complementary sessions are to build connections among the most successful of these research efforts, as well as to identify critical gaps and future needs to accelerate and facilitate this critical area of research. The Symposium is organized by members of NSF’s Animal Genome-to-Phenome Research Coordination Network (AG2P RCN) to encourage networking across disciplines, gender, ethnicity, and professional ranks. Participant discussions at a concluding workshop will serve as the basis for a white paper identifying major gaps, key barriers and leading edges in the field of genome-to-phenome research.

Sponsors: SICB Co-Sponsoring Divisions DCE, DCPB, DEDB, DEDE, DEE, DIZ, DPCB


  • Karen G. Burnett, Research Affiliate, Department of Biology, College of Charleston,
  • David S. Durica, Professor Emeritus, Department of Biology, University of Oklahoma,
  • Donald L. Mykles, Professor, Department of Biology, Colorado State University
  • Jonathon Stillman, Professor, Department of Biology, San Francisco State University


BURNETT, K: Overview of the Symposium
MAURO, A*, GHALAMBOR, C: The transcriptomic basis of a trade-off between salinity tolerance and competitive ability in the Trinidadian guppy
LYKO,F: Epigenetic adaptation in a clonal invasive crayfish
LI, J*, KUELTZ, D: Quantitation and comprehension of context-dependent changes of dynamic proteomes
HAVIRD, J: Connecting the mitogenome to the mitophenome to the organismal phenome
SHARBROUGH, J*, MONTOOTH, K, NEIMAN, M: Phenotypic variation in mitochondrial function across New Zealand snail populations
SANTOS, S: Intrinsic ability or extrinsic source for chromatosome and carotenoid variability in an endemic Hawaiian crustacean "cryptic species complex"
MILLIGAN-MYHRE, K: Using an evolutionary model organism to reveal host genetic influence on host-microbe interactions
SCHAEFER, RJ: Integrating genome-wide association studies with context specific co-expression networks in corn and horses
GUST, KA: 'Omics in non-model species: Closing the loop among genes, molecular systems, and phenotypes to predict adverse outcomes to environmental stress
HAHN, D: Combining 'omics approaches to pick apart the genetic and physiological architecture of diversification by seasonal dormancy timing
PESPENI, M: Linking genome to phenome in marine invertebrates to validate the mechanisms of resilience to global change conditions