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DCE: 1997 Fall Newsleter

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Message from the Chair,

F.M. Anne McNabb

F.M. Anne McNabbI hope many of you have submitted abstracts for the SICB 1998 Annual Meeting in Boston, Jan. 3-7, 1998, and that you will encourage others to attend and join SICB and our division. Penny Hopkins and David Durica have organized a symposium titled "Evolution of the Steroid/Thyroid/Retinoic Acid Receptor Family" that will be of special interest to endocrinologists. Several other symposia also have some endocrine components. We are pleased that our efforts to focus more attention on the timely subject of endocrine disruptors is being aided by Theo Colborn, first author of Our Stolen Future, who has agreed to attend the Boston meeting. The Public Affairs Committee is planning a panel discussion on endocrine disruptors with Theo participating. 

In the spring newsletter we informed you that the DCE Executive Committee is in agreement that we should have officers-elect for all of our divisional Executive Committee positions. At present, this is the case only for the chair-elect. However, to change our practice will require an amendment of the division bylaws. At present, the bylaws can only be amended at an Annual Meeting and notice must be given to the members at least sixty days in advance. Thus, we are now formally proposing such a change in our DCE bylaws to include officers-elect, followed by a vote on that issue at the Boston meeting. 

Two other changes to the bylaws also will be voted on. The first is to amend the bylaws so that they can be changed by mail ballot as well as at the Annual Meeting. This is intended to address the problem we are having now – namely that it is taking us a calendar year to add more officers-elect. The other recommended change is to include our policies on Best Student Paper Awards. The details of the amendments we will vote on are on the next page. We owe thanks to Micki Unkrich at the SICB Business Office for her help with these. 
See you in Boston! 

Report from the Secretary

Henry John-Alder

The results of the DCE 1998 elections are as follows: 

David Norris - Chair-Elect 
Nathan L. Collie - Secretary 

David and Nathan will take office at the SICB 1998 Annual Meeting. Congratulations to our new officers. 

Proposed Changes to DCE Bylaws

Lucia Magliulo-Cepriano served as Chair of SICB's Division of Comparative Endocrinology Best Student Paper and Poster Award Committee for the 1995 meeting. The following were members of this committee: Marcia Loeb, Tyrone Hayes, Mary Wright, David Borst, Mitsuyo Kishida and Mark Sheridan. 

These bylaws amendments will be discussed and voted upon at the next business meeting of the Division of Comparative Endocrinology in January, 1998, at the SICB Annual Meeting in Boston. 

{additions} [deletions] 

Article V. Officers 

Officers of the Division shall be a Chair, Chair-Elect, Program Officer, {Program Officer-Elect}, [and a] Secretary, {and a Secretary-Elect}. The term of office for [each] {the Chair, Chair-Elect, Program Officer and Secretary} shall be for two (2) years. {The term of office for the Program Officer-Elect and Secretary-Elect shall be for one (1) year.} 
(a) Officers shall be elected by a simple majority by mail ballot to be completed on or before December 15 of each election year. 
(b) The Chair, upon the completion of the second year in office, shall be succeeded by the Chair-Elect. 
(c) Balloting for a new Chair-Elect will be conducted in the second year of office of the incumbent Chair and Chair-Elect. 
These [four] {six} offices shall constitute an Executive Committee and shall be responsible for the affairs of the Division. Officers shall assume their duties on the 1st of January [following the] {immediately prior to the} Annual Meeting of the Division. 

Article IX. Program Officer-Elect 

{The Program Officer-Elect shall assume the duties of the Program Officer whenever that person is unable to act. He/She shall serve for a term of one year after which he/she shall automatically assume the position of Program Officer.} (This is a new article added after the current Article VIII. Thus, Articles IX-XV are incremented by one.) 

Article XI. Secretary-Elect 

{The Secretary-Elect shall assume the duties of the Secretary wheneverthat person is unable to act. He/She shall serve for a term of one year after which he/she shall automatically assume the position of Secretary.} (This is a new article added after the current Article IX. Thus, Articles XI-XVI are incremented by one.) 

Article XV. Amendments 

(New Article XVII) 
These Bylaws may be changed or amended at any Annual Meeting by two-thirds vote of those present {or by at least two-thirds of the members responding to a mail ballot}, provided that notice has been given to all members sixty (60) days in advance. 

Article XVIII. Best Student Paper Awards 

{Two awards will be given in the Best Student Paper competition at the Annual Meeting: one for the best oral presentation and one for the best poster presentation. The award for the best oral presentation will be named the Aubrey Gorbman Award. In addition to a certificate, the prize will carry with it an award of $100. Students who have not yet been awarded a Ph.D. are eligible for the prize, as are new Ph.D.'s who have received the degree no more than 12 months prior to the meeting and are presenting a paper on their graduate research. The work must be original and must have been carried out principally by the student presenting the paper.} 

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