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Educational Council Report

    Sue Cook, Educational Council Chair

    As outgoing chair, I'd like to thank all current council members for their help and support over the past three years and welcome John Pilger on-board as incoming chair. John has been one of the most active council members during my term and I'm certain that he will provide strong leadership and a wealth of innovative ideas to strengthen SICB's educational involvement over the next three years.

    To bring everyone up-to-date, the SICB career brochure is still in process, but should be printed by the end of the year. Nina Caris has worked very hard on this demanding task. The council and the SICB Business Office are currently planning to schedule a brief information session to present the brochure to the membership at the Boston meeting. More details will be forthcoming.

    Also for Boston, Daphne Fautin is organizing an innovative half-day hands-on workshop to provide experiences you can use in teaching, resources to take home with you, and demonstrations of innovative approaches to learning. The workshop will be the first in a continuing series on "Integrative and Comparative Biology in the Classroom" and will expose participants to some examples of the new ways to provide experience and transmit information that technology provides (see box for more details). A second, more in-depth session on computers in the classroom is in the planning stages for the Denver meeting.

    Because the number of participants is limited by availability of terminals, pre-registration will be required. There will also be a small $20 fee to cover use of a workshop site away from the main meeting and transportation to that site. Look for details in the SICB 1998 Annual Meeting Registration Packet and plan to attend!

    In closing, I'd like to thank the members of SICB for the opportunity to serve the society as Educational Council chair. I've learned a lot and hope that I have made a difference.

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