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Public Affairs Committee Report

    Mortal Sins in Poster Presentations or 
    How to Give the Poster No One Remembers 

    The Public Affairs Committee has been busy making plans for the upcoming SICB 1998 Annual Meeting in Boston. This year we will sponsor a media workshop and a panel discussion on endocrine disruptors. 

    Boyce Rensberger, science writer at the Washington Post, is the featured facilitator at the Media Workshop. He will speak on media issues in presenting science to the public (e.g., what science stories get press and why), as well as other media concerns and how they compare to the way scientists' publish. 

    Featured speakers at the panel discussion on endocrine disruptors will be: Dr. Theo Colborn, World Wildlife Foundation; Dr. Ted Shettler, Physicians for Social Responsibility; Dr. Pete Meyers, W. Alton Jones Foundation; Dr. Lou Guillette, University of Florida; and Dr. Tony Maciorowski, Environmental Protection Agency. 

    We hope that members will find time to attend both events.


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