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SICB 1998 Fall Newsletter

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The New (XVIII) International Congress of Zoology After the positive reaction of the international community of zoologists and the support of a number of national organizations, the date of the New Congress, "The New Panorama of Animal Evolution," has been set for Sept. 4-9, 2000. It will be held at the Faculty of Philosophy, at the University of Athens, Greece, under the auspices of the Hellenic Zoological Society. In order to reverse the present trend of fragmentation of zoology and the crisis in the professional zoological education which became rampant after the suspension of the congresses in 1972, this first renewed congress is dedicated to a number of integrative symposia and general discussions.

General Symposia, Proposed Themes

  • The New Palaeontological Picture
  • Macro- and Megaevolution: Integration of Molecular and Morphological Data
  • The Integrative Approach for the Study of Animal Evolution
  • Comparative and Evolutionary Immunology
  • The New Embryology and Developmental Biology
  • The Role of Parasitism in Animal Evolution
  • The Protozoan-Metazoan Boundary
  • Zoological Roots of Anthropology

Ad-hoc Symposia Proposed

  • History of Zoology from Aristotle to the Modern Crisis
  • Modern Biogeographic Methods Applied to the Tethys Region
  • Cloning and Cryopreservation

General Discussion Themes Proposed

  • Zoological and Taxonomic Education
  • The Hot Spots of Animal Conservation
  • Reference Collections and Data Bases
  • Zoological Nomenclature and the new "Biocode"
  • The "Tree of Life" and other such projects

Poster sessions will be organized around the themes of the symposia. Parallel events are being considered. For more information, contact Dr. Rosa Polymeni, University of Athens, Department of Biology, 15784 Athens, Greece; Tel: 30.1.7264364; Fax: 30.1.7284604; email:;

American Philosophical Society Research Grants
The American Philosophical Society makes grants toward the cost of scholarly research in all areas of knowledge except those where support by government or corporate enterprise is more appropriate. The amount of the award averages $3,000, with a $6,000 maximum. Applicants are expected to have held the doctorate for at least one year.

The next application deadline is Dec. 1, 1998. Written requests for forms must indicate eligibility, area of research and proposed use of grant funds. Mail request and a self-addressed stamped envelope to: Committee on Research, American Philosophical Society, Independence Mall East, 104 S. 5th Street, Philadelphia, PA 191-6-3387. Questions concerning the eligibility of a project are accepted at 215/440-3429 or via e-mail at Information is also available at

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