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SICB 1998 Fall Newsletter

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SICB News - Information

Participate as an SICB Officer
Both SICB and many of the SICB divisions will need to elect new officers in the near future. This year, the SICB offices that will be vacant include president-elect, treasurer-elect, and a member-at-large If you would like to be considered or know of an SICB member who would make an excellent SICB officer, please contact the SICB Business Office. Those interested in or with suggestions for future division office should contact a current division officer. Please recommend prospective officers or nominate yourself, as SICB depends critically on member volunteers to make its programs work.

Grants-in-Aid of Research
David Borst, Chair, Student Support Committee
SICB graduate student members have the opportunity to apply for the SICB Grants-in-Aid of Research awards. Awards are made to support scientific investigations in any of the areas of integrative and comparative biology represented within SICB. Awards are made in amounts up to $1,000, all of which must be spent in direct support of the proposed study. Interested students can request application materials from the SICB Business Office by sending in the postcard inserted in this issue of SICB News. Closing date for receipt of application and supporting letters will be Dec. 1, 1998. Applicants will be notified of the decisions within six weeks after the SICB Annual Meeting.

Renew Your Membership Before You Register for the Annual Meeting
To qualify for the SICB member rate registration fees at the Annual Meeting, your SICB membership must be current for the year the Annual Meeting is held. Therefore, if you want to attend the 1999 SICB Annual Meeting, Jan. 6-10 in Denver, at the member rate, your membership will need to be renewed for 1999 at the time you register. Please contact the SICB Business Office if you have any questions.

Members in the News
Thomas Kunz Receives 1998 C. Hart Merriam Award
SICB member Thomas Kunz of Boston University, a renowned expert on mammals and especially bats, has been accorded the top honor of the American Society of Mammalogists. Perhaps best known for his 1994 discovery of a wild male lactating mammal, the fruit-eating bat Dyacopterus spadiceus, Kunz also has used bats as a model to study the energetics of reproduction, locomotion and hibernation. He has also made contributions in behavioral ecology, population ecology and conservation, collecting detailed physiological and behavioral data on free-ranging bats (using stable isotopes to determine energy expenditure and infrared video to observe their behavior in the dark). This work has resulted in more than 130 publications and three edited volumes. Award committee members cited his long-term leadership role in organizing international conferences, and his dedication as a teacher and mentor to his undergraduate and graduate students. SICB is proud to recognize Dr. Kunz as a member!

SICB's Information Line
SICB members and prospective members can receive information 24 hours a day using SICB's toll free line (800/955-1236). The call processing system provides information on several topics and also allows members to directly reach staff members using their extensions (see list of options and extensions below). We encourage you to use this service so the Business Office may more effectively assist you.

Dialing Options
0 - Use this option if you know the name or extension of the person you're trying to reach
1 - Membership and general SICB information
2 - 1999 SICB Annual Meeting information
3 - 1999 SICB Annual Meeting abstract information
4 - Student support at the 1999 SICB Annual Meeting
5 - Exhibiting at the 1999 SICB Annual Meeting
6 - Information about future SICB Annual Meetings
7 - Purchasing an SICB mailing list
8 - Ordering SICB merchandise or videotapes
9 - Request a Grants-in-Aid of Research application

In order to assist you in reaching the appropriate staff person, their names, extensions and what they handle is listed below:

Annual Meeting/Student Support
Shana Berezin - x3282
Wilma Salvatore -x3294

Shana Berezin - x3282

Marketing/Media Relations
Christine Bennett - x3302

Administration/Membership/Grants-in-Aid/American Zoologist/Merchandise/Other
Christopher Mundschenk - x3667
Susan Heckman - x3774

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