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1999 Fall Newsletter

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General Research Grants

The American Philosophical Society makes grants towards the cost of scholarly research in all areas of knowledge except this for which support by government or corporate enterprise is more appropriate. Projects likely to culminate in scholarly publications are preferred; projects in the creative or performing arts, for the general readership and educational materials for classroom use are not eligible. Grants cover travel to the objects of research, purchase of photoreproductions of documents and consumable professional supplies not available at the applicant's institution.

Eligible applicants are expected to have held a doctorate for at least one year. Foreign nationals applying from abroad must state precisely what objects of research, which are only available in the United States, need to be consulted.

Those interested in obtaining an application must send in a written request to the Committee on Research; American Philosophical Society; 104 S. 5th Street; Philadelphia, PA 19106-3387. Please specify the area of research, state the proposed use of grant funds and include a self-addressed mailing label. Telephone requests for forms cannot be honored.

Deadlines are as follows: March 1, for a decision by mid-June; October 1, for a decision by mid-January and December 1, for a decision by mid-March.

Questions concerning the eligibility of a project of applicant are accepted at 215-440-3429 or via e-mail to eroach@amphilsoc.org.

Environmental Forum

The Committee for the National Institute for the Environment (CNIE) has launched its Environmental Research Information Exchange (ERIE) service, which provides a forum for researchers, educators, resource managers, agency decision-makers, foundation representatives, journalists, librarians and others in all environmental fields to share information and discuss issues. The service is part of the CNIE National Library for the Environment located at www.cnie.org.

ERIE is intended for managers and decision-makers to present research needs (funded and not funded) or search for expert knowledge. Researchers and students can also use ERIE to locate research opportunities, collaborators or funders. Additionally, funders may use ERIE to advertise opportunities.

ERIE will provide many services to help you to find answers to your questions, colleagues and solutions to your problems. As well as a bulletin board for participants to post messages, questions and answers, ERIE offers a highlights page where selected research opportunities, and links and lists of funding opportunities will be posted. ERIE will also offer and an outreach service.

The Committee for the National Institute for the Environment will share selected requests with its network of thousands of scientists, managers and others.

International Symposium on Animal Physiology

Following the annual spring meeting of the German Zoological Society, a satellite symposium on comparative animal physiology will take place in the Poppelsdorfer Schloss on the grounds of the University of Bonn.

The venue was the 250-year-old baroque summer residence of the Kurfurst of Cologne and now houses the Institutes of Zoology and Mineralogy of the University of Bonn. The Schloss is surrounded by a botanical garden, which we will have access to during the breaks and evening hours. The following sessions are tentatively planned and place a general emphasis on physiological trade-offs (single-organ systems with several functions), while still allowing enough latitude to make an exciting symposium for physiologists and functional mophologists of diverse interests. The scheduled topics include: metabolic adaptations; mass transport and diffusion (what, when, how and why); breathing and locomotion; the public and private life of contractile tissue and general physiology.

The deadline for abstract submission is December 15, 1999. More information can be obtained through our Web site at www.zoologie.uni-bonn.de, or by e-mail at satysmy@uni-bonn.de. Registration fees should be paid in German marks by either check, wire transfer or international money order. Please do not send cash.

Special Issue of the Journal of Experimental Zoology Available for Purchase

The American Elasmobranch Society has copies of a special issue of the Journal of Experimental Zoology, which is dedicated to the proceedings of the first symposium on elasmobranch endocrinology, available for purchase. The symposium was held in 1997 during the 13th annual AES meeting in Seattle, Washington. This was the first symposium to deal directly with elasmobranch endocrinology and, although it is not an exhaustive treatment of the elasmobranch endocrine system it does cover a great deal of systems/processes. Copies are available for only $35 (including shipping), an excellent price for a special journal issue. We would like to extend this price to your society members and, if possible, advertise it in your publications and/or on you Web page. Copies can be purchased by sending a check payable to the "AES" to the following address: Dr. Jim Gelsleichter, Center for Shark Research, Mote Marine Laboratory, 1600 Ken Thompson Parkway, Sarasota, FL 34236.


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