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Division of Neurobiology (DNB): 2007 Spring Newsletter

Message from the Program Officer

Richard Satterlie

Greetings to all members of the division and to all other interested readers. We had a successful meeting in Phoenix, with a wonderful Recent Developments in Neurobiology symposium that honored Regents Professor Emeritus Douglas Stuart (University of Arizona). We thank the National Science Foundation for support of this symposium.

Our Best Student Paper award competition came out as a tie:

  • Muscular organization of the rhopalial stalk in Cubomedusae (Cnidaria) JACOBSON, Barbara.R., University of North Carolina, Wilmington

  • Ultrastructure of the Retinal Synapses in Cubozoans GRAY, G. Clark, University of North Carolina Wilmington
In case anyone is wondering, I had nothing to do with the judging!

We have some serious business to attend to in the coming months, most notably election of a full slate of officers, by special election. Look for details soon. We usually stagger the officer elections, but a series of unrelated events have altered the situation for the time being. The following individuals have expressed an interest in running. Let this serve as a final call for nominations for these positions (send additional nominations to me at satterlier@uncw.edu).

  • Secretary: Thomas Pirtle, Abilene Christian University
  • Program Officer: James Murray, Central Arkansas University
  • Chairman: Duane McPherson, SUNY Geneseo
  • We have another year of support for the Recent Developments in Neurobiology symposium, and I have received a few ideas for the next one (in San Antonio). I request further suggestions for symposium topics. We like to highlight at least one laboratory from the vicinity of the meeting site, we like to have at least one untenured professor included, and we adhere to the "piggy-back" talk arrangement in which each hour block is split between a primary researcher and one of his/her advanced grad students or postdocs. We can get five such talks into a symposium, possibly a sixth. If you have a topic idea for the upcoming symposium, please send suggestions to me at the e-mail address in the previous paragraph. We have to decide soon.

    We look forward to seeing all of you in San Antonio.

    Link to officer list on DNB page