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  • Join in an Antarctic Expedition!
  • Oxford University Press Discount for SICB Members
  • New Content in the SICB Digital Library
  • Len Muscatine has passed away

    Join in an Antarctic Expedition!


    Dear Colleague,

    We wish to invite you to join us on an expedition to explore the spectacular marine life of Antarctica by joining our University of Alabama at Birmingham research team at Palmer Station on the western Antarctic Peninsula. This interactive educational web program designed by experts in educational web technology targets students of all ages and the populace at large with topical features including research, animal and plant life, weather, diving, social aspects of life at an Antarctic science station, and educational activities for the classroom. Selected by the National Science Foundation to be featured during the 2007 International Polar Year, this award winning web site, now with video and digital images integrated with the social networking sites such as Flickr, brings to life the adventure and excitement of discovery below the seas of Antarctica.

    Dr. Charles Amsler, Professor of Biology
    Dr. Jim McClintock, Professor of Polar and Marine Biology

    Oxford University Press Discounts

    Oxford University Press offers a special discount of 20% on books ordered by SICB Members. Click here for details and order form.

    New Digital Library Content

    The SICB Digital Library features two new sections:
    • Educational Abstracts lists abstracts with educational content from SICB meetings from 2002 to 2007.

    • SAAWOK provides articles from the "Science as a Way of Knowing" series that was published in American Zoologist in the 1980s and 1990s.
    Visit http://sicb.org/dl to view.

    Len Muscatine has passed away


    It is with regret and sadness that I pass on to you the news that Leonard Muscatine died in his home on 11 April after a short bout with stomach cancer. He was a very young 74 years old. Len received his Ph.D. at the University of California, Berkeley in 1957, and spent his entire career at the University of California, Los Angeles, carrying out exquisite work on algal-animal symbioses, especially in corals. He was a long-time member of SICB until his retirement in 1997, was a mentor and colleague to many of us, and will be greatly missed.



    John Pearse, President
    Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology