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Committee Reports

Student Support Committee (SSC)

David W. Borst, Chair

Grants-in-Aid of Research (GIAR):

Last year, the SSC reviewed 96 applications for research grants and made 17 awards (total awards = $11,900) to graduate students from 8 different divisions of the SICB. We anticipate a similar level of support this year. The maximum award is $1,000; the average award for the past few years has been $700. Applicants should be aware of the following rules for receiving an award:

  1. The applicant must be a graduate student currently enrolled in a degree program;
  2. Applicants must be active members of SICB in the year the award is made. Thus, students who join when they submit their application should pay their dues for next year (e.g., 2002).
  3. The award must be spent in direct support of the proposed study (no stipends or equipment purchases);
  4. The applicant may receive only one GIAR award;
  5. Awards are made payable to the individual recipients or to his/her department or university;
  6. No part of an award may be used for the payment of indirect costs to the recipient's institution.
Deadlines: The deadline this year for receipt of applications AND letters of recommendation is November 15. LATE APPLICATIONS WILL NOT BE REVIEWED.
Application process: All applications AND letters of recommendation must be submitted electronically this year using the forms located on the SICB website. For more information, please visit: www.sicb.org/grants/researchgrant.php3

Travel Awards:

This program provides partial support to students attending the annual meeting. Last year in Chicago, the SICB provided support for more than 170 students. Nearly every eligible applicant was supported. These awards typically cover either the meeting registration (worth $70) or a free hotel room with other students (worth about $150-200 depending on the location). Applications are due on November 17, 2001 and can be made on-line. Only students who are SICB members and who are presenting authors of a paper or poster may apply for a SICB travel award. If you are granted support of any type through the SICB Student Support Program you are obligated to provide assistance during the meeting; failure to fulfill your obligation will cause immediate cancellation of your support. For complete details of this program, visit the website (www.sicb.org/meetings/2002/studentsupport.php3).