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Division of Animal Behavior (DAB): 2001 Fall Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Message from the Secretary

Peter Smallwood

First order of business is congratulations and thanks to Paul Cupp for agreeing to serve as program officer for our division. One of Paulís main functions is to help any of you who would like to develop a symposium for SICB. Come to our business meeting to meet Paul and the other officers, and to talk about future symposia.

The Division of Animal Behavior will be cosponsoring a symposium with the Division of Neurobiology at this year's meeting in Anaheim. The symposium is on The Neural Mechanisms of Orientation and Navigation, organized by James Murray, and I encourage you to attend.

We are a small division, but we have a tradition of putting on great symposia. We are always on the prowl for good symposium ideas. What special topic are you most interested in, what 8-12 speakers would you like to see in one meeting? If you have ideas for symposia, please contact our new program officer, Paul Cupp, (Paul.Cupp@eku.edu), our chair, David Pfennig (dpfennig@email.unc.edu), or me (psmallwo@richmond.edu).

Opportunities for Graduate Students

Support for Meeting Attendance: If you are a graduate student or have graduate students attending the Chicago meetings, make sure they are aware of the Student Support Program. In past years, SICB has been able to provide a room (shared) or waive registration for almost all students requesting such aid. In return, the student serves for one Ĺ day as a room monitor, slide projectionist, or registration assistant. If you or your student did not check the box for Student Support on the abstract transmittal form, contact the SICB business office for more information and application materials.

Grants-in-Aid of Research: SICB has instituted a program of awards to support graduate student research. For more details and application materials, go to www.sicb.org/awards.php3

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