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Division of Developmental & Cell Biology (DDCB): 2001 Fall Newsletter

Message from the Chair

Patricia Glas

Dear Colleagues,

    It is ironic that as the United States begins to heal from the events of September 11, 2001, the technologies and techniques developed by research scientists such as ourselves and our colleagues play an important role in our recovery. Cell extraction and DNA fingerprinting are the only way some of the victims may be identified. These techniques were part of the research laboratory first before being used and accepted in clinical and forensic applications. We should be grateful that as scientist we have contributed in some small way to allow this closure.

    As we approach the winter, I urge teachers, researchers, and students to plan to attend the annual meeting in Anaheim. Teachers should encourage their students to join and attend the SICB meetings for positive interaction with colleagues and to get fresh perspectives on their research. New students should be encouraged to attend to see how their prospective research fits into the "big picture" and to look for other researchers for support or interaction. Researchers also can get valuable constructive criticism or ideas and information for new directions. There is truly "something for everyone" at the annual meetings.

    I also ask that teachers and researchers urge their students and new associates to join SICB and the Division of Cell and Developmental Biology. If our numbers continue to decrease, we will have to consider the dissolution of this division. This will mean a loss of a division that has sponsored presentation of new research in all areas of cell and developmental biology. Consider the role of the division in any area of cell biology or development of an organism. As the starting point for so much research discussion, loss of the division would be a major loss to future students and future projects. Cell and developmental biology has provided the beginnings of research projects that continue in many laboratories today. Renew your membership and check DCDB as one of your areas of interest. Urge your students to use the division as a starting point for their research or new research discussions.

    The program officers and planners have several exciting symposia planned for this year. And, as always, the posters and presentations for each division will be available. The symposia will start on the first afternoon, so make plans to arrive early enough to hear some of these exciting speakers. Hope to see y'all at the meeting in Anaheim.

Pat Glas
Division of Cell and Developmental Biology

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