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Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology (DEDB): 2001 FAll Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Message from the Program Officer

Mark Q. Martindale

    Greetings evo/devo-tees! Just wanted to pump you all up about the upcoming SICB meeting in Anaheim (Jan. 2-6, 2002)! In addition to the Societies other diverse set of topics, our DEDB division is sponsoring two outstanding symposia, and co-sponsoring a third this year. The first two, "New perspectives on the origin of metazoan complexity" organized by Ruth Ann Dewel, James G. Gehling, and Julian P. S. Smith III, and "The Cambrian explosion: Putting the pieces together", organized by Graham Budd and Kevin Peterson will both feature exciting and novel looks at events occurring at the base of the metazoan tree. These two symposia will be punctuated (hee hee hee..) with an evening lecture (Thursday Jan.3) the by the always entertaining Simon Conway Morris. Our co-sponsored symposium is in conjunction with our friends from the division of developmental and cell biology entitled, "Ecological developmental biology" (or "Eco-Devo") organized by Scott F. Gilbert and Jessica Bolker. This symposium will take a fresh look at the role of the environment on shaping developmental processes.
    Yet another good piece of news is that abstracts for poster presentations has been extended until November 1, so check out the Society Website for details on electronic submission. I'm looking forward to seeing you all in La-La land, but now, get back to work!


Message from the Student/Postdoc Representative

Patricia Hernandez

    As the meeting approaches I wanted to remind you of important events going on during the annual meeting. I urge all students attending their first SICB meeting to attend the Student "First Timer" orientation on Wednesday, January 2 from 5:30-6:15pm. This is a great way to start making connections at the meeting. All students and postdocs are encouraged to attend the Student/Postdoctoral Luncheon on Thursday, January 3, from 11:30am-12:50pm. I would also encourage students and postdocs to get involved in the SICB Student/Postdoctoral Affairs Committee. You really can make a difference in this society if you get involved.
    Students presenting posters or talks should be aware that there is a competition for best student paper. Please be sure to sign up for it when registering for the meeting. Also be aware of the fact that SICB provides very generous support for students presenting at the meeting. Student support applications are due November 16th.
    Please take the time to attend the business meeting for DEDB held from 5:15pm-6:15pm on Friday, January 4. We are a new division and your input as young members of the society is vitally important.

Message from the Secretary

Ken Halanych

Be sure to vote!! The ballots for the new officers should be going out about the same time as this newsletter. Especially because the division is young, now is when we need your input!
    Also please try and attend the DEDB business meeting. It is scheduled for Friday January 4th at 5:15 PM, but be sure to check for any last minute changes. Several important issues are raised at these meetings (For example, what symposia to support, how to spend our money, and should we have a social?)
    Any ideas on how to improve the division or the DEDB webpage is welcome. If you have specific ideas or comments on how the page could be improved or made more useful, please write me (khalanych@whoi.edu).

Link to officer list on DEDB page