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Division of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology (DSEB): 2001 Fall Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Message from the Chair

Miriam Zelditch

It is impossible to enthuse about our upcoming meetings in the face of the inconceivable tragedy of this past month. However, we have a remarkable array of symposia of particular interest to the Division of Systematics and Evolutionary Biology so I hope that SICB members will attend the meetings. There are several symposia likely to be of general interest to our division, "The Cambrian Explosion-Putting the Pieces Together" and "New Perspectives on Metazoan Complexity." In addition, there is a symposium "Integrative approaches to biogeography: Patterns and processes on land and in the sea" organized by: Rachel Collin and Marta deMaintenon for DEE, DIZ and DSEB. There are also a wide variety of symposia that examine particular systems in an evolutionary context, such as the "Symposium on Comparative Immunology." We will also hold our annual workshop, Phylogenetics for Dummies. Unfortunately, that workshop, which is designed to explain the methods used in biogeographic analyses, is scheduled before the symposium; the workshop is planned for the first evening of the meetings, from 7-9pm (but check the SICB web-page in case this changes). One other session to put on your schedule is the Town Meeting on teaching evolution. The focus of one presentation is "Intelligent Design Theory" (discussed by Massimo Pigliucci) and the other concerns the role of introductory biology classes in alienating students from evolution (discussed by Ron Edwards).

I also want to encourage you to attend our divisional meeting, Friday, Jan. 4, 5:15 - 6:15. This is called a "business meeting" but it is really a general meeting for all members of the division. We discuss issues relevant to our division within SICB and have the opportunity to meet members with similar interests. I particularly urge graduate students to attend, especially if you feel that you don't know many people at the meetings. This is a chance to meet people who are likely to be interested in you and your work.

Finally, I encourage you to vote in our upcoming divisional election and to volunteer to run for an office. Like any society of volunteers, ours depends on peoples' willingness to participate. Ballots should be sent soon.

Message from the Secretary

Valerie Cappola

I want to remind everyone to vote in the upcoming divisional election. Candidate information was included in our last newsletter. Please refer back to the Spring 2001 newsletter to learn about the candidates running for office. Watch for the ballots in your postal mailboxes. For those attending the 2002 meeting in Anaheim please make it a priority to attend the divisional meeting. The division wants and needs your input.

Message from the Program Officer

Anne Maglia

At the 2002 meetings, DSEB will sponsor several contributed paper sessions and will co-sponsor two symposia: "Integrative approaches to biogeography: Patterns and processes on land and in the sea," organized by Rachel Collin and Marta deMaintenon, and the Metazoan Complexity Symposium organized by Ruth Dewel. These promise to be exciting, informative, and well attended.

It is not too early to be thinking about workshops and symposium ideas for the 2003 Toronto meetings and beyond! The division can promote symposia, workshops, and paper sessions centered around a common theme. We can also start making plans for another in the "Phylogenetics for Dummies" series---our annual hands-on workshop designed to help non-systematists decipher the complexities of selected systematic methods and theories. If you'd like to put on a workshop, or have an idea about a topic you'd like to see covered, I'd love to hear it!

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