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Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology (DEDB): 2002 Fall Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Message from the Chair

Günter Wagner

Dear member of DEDB,

For the fall newsletter I want to be brief again and focus on a few issues:
  1. One of the most important functions of a Division within the society is to foster the exchange of ideas and results in our respective fields. Hence the most important function of DEDB is to aid the development of Evolutionary Developmental Biology by sponsoring symposia on exciting topics in our discipline. In the last year the Division has received several requests for co-sponsorship of symposia coming from other divisions but only one proposal from DEDB. Fortunately it was an excellent proposal on the Origin of Evolutionary Novelties (by Gerd Muller, Vienna/Austria and Stuart Newman, New York), which was approved at the meeting of the program officers this year for the meeting in 2004. I do know, however, that there are many more exciting developments in our discipline that we should talk about at our meetings. I urge you to consider submitting a symposium proposal next year for the 2005 meeting of the society. The chances of actually getting approved and the support of the society are excellent, if you get into the action early!

  2. I want to thank Ken Halanych (WHO), who served as the division's secretary till June 30 of this year. I really appreciate his dedication to the Division. At the same time I want to welcome our new secretary, Frietson Galis (University of Leiden, Netherlands), who took over from Ken this summer. I am grateful for her willingness to serve the Division! Please see her newsletter item below.

  3. Please do not forget to vote for the Chair of our division. We have two excellent candidates, Paula Mabee and Brian Hall. Burk and Associates have made voting easier than ever before. You can now cast your ballot on a website. It only takes less than a minute (I just did it myself).

  4. Please come to our business meeting and social on January 6th during our meeting in Toronto! There is important business to conduct there. I will recommend a number of changes to our constitution that should make the Division more efficient.
    I am looking forward to meeting you in Toronto and to hear about the exciting science you will report there.

Message from the Program Officer

Eduardo Rosa-Molinar

Saludos! I have news hot of the press regarding the scientific program of the 2003 SICB meeting in Toronto. We just completed this weekend formalizing the scientific program and it looks outstanding. This year there will be a mixture of division specific and joint (DEDB and DCDB) oral and poster sessions.

The DEDB will co-sponsor with the Division of Systematic Biology and Evolution the "Patterns and Processes in the Evolution of Fishes" symposium organized by Francesco Santini. This symposium will begin on Monday afternoon and continue Tuesday morning. The speakers are outstanding and it looks like it will be an excellent event.

The DEDB will also hold the Alexander Kowalevsky Mini-Symposium organized by Gunter Wagner and myself (check out our website: pisces.cnnet.clu.edu/sicb/toronto2003) on Wednesday morning the last day of the meeting. This mini-symposium will bring together for the first time the recipients of the Alexander Kowalevsky Medal and allow them to present their work to the SICB membership. I promise that this will be a great event. Each talk will be approximately 30 minutes each with 10 minutes for questions. For a total of 6 speakers.

We will have four joint DCDB and DEDB poster sessions. The topics for the sessions are:

Pathways and Genes (6 posters)
Development/Morphology and Metamorphosis (6 posters)

Photoresponses in Marine Invertebrates/Theory and Practices (4 posters)
Invertebrate Developmental Neurobiology (4 posters)
Eco-Devo/Ichs and Herps (8 posters)

There will be 3 full oral sessions and 2 half sessions. The topics are:
Sunday (morning)
Larval Biology/Ecology/Transitions (8-9:40; DCDB)-Patterning and Regulation 10-12 AM (DEDB)

Sunday (afternoon)
Developmental Neurobiology (1-2:40 PM; DCDB)
Theory (1-4:20 PM; DEDB/DCDB)

Monday (morning)
Bone and Cartilage-(8-10 AM; DEDB & DCDB)

Tuesday (afternoon)
Testing Theories (1:20-3:00; DEDB/DCDB)
Heads- (3:20-4:40; DEDB & DCDB)

Wednesday (morning)
Alexander Kowalevsky Mini-Symposium (8 AM-12:00 PM; DEDB)

The DEDB will be very well represented in this years meeting. The oral and poster presentations are fantastic. This will be a very exciting and productive meeting. I encourage you to make your travel plans to ensure that you stay for the Alexander Kowalevsky Mini-Symposium. We are going to get a lot of press about this and this will again make our division and our society look good.
For the 2004 SICB meeting in New Orleans, Gerd B. Müller and A. Stuart have organized a symposium entitled "Evolutionary Novelties." This symposium will focus on organismal formative processes that extend beyond the genetic level, physical/material properties, architectural constraints, and the dynamical properties of reaction-diffusion systems embodied in genetic and developmental networks. A group of impressive speakers have been assembled to describe experimental and theoretical analyses that illuminate scenarios of morphological innovation in a variety of vertebrate and invertebrate systems. Keep checking the SICB website and DEDB newsletter for updates regarding this symposium and others that DEDB will co-sponsor.
Finally encourage your graduate students and colleagues to join SICB and the DEDB and keep sending your original research papers and/or symposia to Evolution and Development (Blackwell Science, Inc.), Molecular and Developmental Evolution or to Integrative and Comparative Biology. These journals are sponsored by SICB. I hope to see you all in Toronto.

Message from the Secretary

Frietson Galis

Dear members of DEDB,

I have recently with pleasure taken over as secretary from Ken Halanych. I want to thank him for his efforts and his help.
I would like to continue Ken Halanych's work on improving our website. We have a list of student and post-doc members of DEDB and we will complement this with the other members. We hope to soon post this on our webpage to facilitate communication between members. We are grateful to Ruedi (Ruediger Birenheide) for his work as webmaster in making this possible.
The division provides the opportunity for mailing out evo-devo information (symposia and job announcements, etc.). Please feel free to contact me for this (galis@rulsfb.leidenuniv.nl).
Finally, I hope to see you all at the meeting in Toronto, at the talks, but also at the business meeting of our division on Monday evening, January 6 from 5:15-6:15 pm and at our first social that will follow the business meeting.

Link to officer list on DEDB page