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Division of Neurobiology (DNB): 2002 Fall Newsletter

In this newsletter:

Message from the DNB Officers
DNB in Toronto

The Division of Neurobiology would like to invite SICB members to join us at several interesting sessions and events at the upcoming Toronto meeting.
  1. A symposium entitled "Firefly Flash Communication: Physiology and Behavior" will be held on Sunday, January 5th. Its organizers are Drs. Jonathan Copeland and Albert Carlson. This symposium will be followed by the DNB business meeting.

  2. A second symposium, "Recent Developments in Neurobiology: Neural regulation of locomotion", organized by the DNB Program Officer Rich Satterlie, is scheduled for Tuesday, January 7th. The DNB social will follow this symposium, with members of Harold Atwood's University of Toronto lab as featured guests.

  3. The Neurobiology section of platform presentations will take place on the morning of Wednesday, January 8th. There will be 11 presentations and one coffee break during the session. The scheduled neurobiology talks cover a broad range of topics, ranging from synaptic transmission at the fly neuromuscular junction to computational modeling of calcium domains within presynaptic nerve terminals.

  4. Posters will be on display for two entire days.
Please note how the Program Officers cunningly timed these events so that there would be no scheduling conflicts! Those of us involved in neurobiology can thus attend each and every one of the presentations that interest us. We look forward to seeing everyone in Toronto in January.

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