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Division of Animal Behavior (DAB): 2008 Fall Newsletter

Message from the Officers

Tom Hahn (Chair), Sarah Humfeld (Program Officer), and Scott MacDougall-Shackleton (Secretary)

Greetings from your DAB Executive!

New DAB Secretary

Thanks to everyone for voting in the SICB elections this year. Jordanna Sprayberry has been elected to the position of secretary for the Division of Animal Behavior. Please join me in thanking Jordanna for her willingness to serve the Division and Society. Jordanna will take over from Scott MacDougal-Shackleton at the Boston meeting.

Next year we will need to elect a new Chair of the Division. If you are interested in nominating yourself or someone you know for this position, please let us know. The nominating committee will be looking for names in Boston.

Members of the nominating committee are:

  • Tom Hahn
  • Sarah Humfeld
  • Jordanna Sprayberry
  • Scott MacDougall-Shackleton

Upcoming SICB Meeting in Boston

We look forward to seeing all of you in Boston. This should be a great meeting. Abstract submissions were up by 30% this year! The DAB is sponsoring several symposia:

  • A society-symposium: "Hormonal Regulation of Whole-Animal Performance: Implications for Selection" co-sponsored by DAB, DCE and DVM.

  • "Evolution of Mechanisms Controlling Timing of Breeding in Animals" co-sponsored by DAB and DCE.

  • "Genomics and Vertebrate Adaptive Radiation: A Celebration of the First Cichlid Genome" co-sponsored by DAB and DVM

As well, DAB will co-sponsor a symposium on "Integrating Migration" at the 2010 meeting in Seattle. As always, if you are interested in organizing a symposium, talk to our program officer Sarah Humfeld for advice.

Business Meeting and Social

We will continue the successful tradition of holding a joint business meeting/social. Our social this year will also be combined with the social for the "Hormonal Regulation of Whole-Animal Performance" symposium. Be there! The business meeting will take up the first 30 minutes, after which it is party time.

Best Student Presentation Judges

Once again we will need judges for the best student poster and best student oral presentation competitions. If you are able and willing to act a judge please email Scott MacDougal-Shackleton (smacdou2@uwo.ca).

Web Site

Want to promote your research? Send Secretary Scott MacDougal-Shackleton (smacdou2@uwo.ca) a jpeg of something cool from your research and a short paragraph describing it and we will add this to the SICB website database. These are the different images you see on the SICB web site in the upper left panel that change each time you refresh your screen.

See you in January.

Tom Hahn (Chair 2007-2009)
Sarah Humfeld (Program Officer 2005- 2011)
Scott MacDougall-Shackleton (Secretary 2007-2009)
Zachary Stahlschmidt (Student/Postdoc Rep. 2008-2011)

Link to officer list on DAB page