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Division of Neurobiology (DNB): 2008 Fall Newsletter

Message from the Officers

James A. Murray (Chair), Thomas J. Pirtle (Secretary), and Duane McPherson (Program Officer)

Greetings to all in the Division. We are all looking forward to the upcoming annual meeting in Boston, especially the symposia on Sensory Biomechanics and Psychoneuroimmunology. We hope to see you all there, and we encourage you to bring your students. Roger Croll is now the representative of our division on the editorial board of the SICB journal Integrative and Comparative Biology. The officers (Jim Murray, Duane McPherson, Tom Pirtle) would also like to hear from the members about their interests regarding sponsoring symposia. Rich Satterlie found considerable support for our Recent Advances series of symposia, so we would like to know what new research would be of interest to members, and would perhaps attract new members to our symposia.

We did not receive any proposals for a DNB-related symposium for the 2010 meeting in Seattle. We are hoping for a compensatory increase in contributed oral and poster presentations! Duane (Program Officer) is in the process of planning a symposium for the 2011 meeting on Central Pattern Generators, and would welcome suggestions and a collaborator for that project. And we can certainly propose more than one symposium, if there is interest.

There are 37 neurobiology abstracts scheduled for the 2009 meeting; 16 of these are oral presentations and 21 are posters. This does not include oral presentations in the sessions related to the Sensory Biomechanics symposium. The numbers are good and represent an increase from 2008 (11 oral, 19 posters, not counting symposium-linked). Please consider serving as a judge for poster and oral presentations. An email will be sent in the coming weeks to the DNB membership to ask for participation in judging.

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