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DNB: 1997 Spring Newsleter

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Message from the Chair

Charles H. Page

This is my first message as DNB Chair. As neurobiologists, we owe a great deal to our Past Chair, David Prior, for the crucial role that he has played in establishing DNB as a forum for neurobiologists within SICB. Largely as a result of his efforts, DNB is available as a forum for all SICB members interested in neurobiology. I would like to thank David for his stewardship of DNB and look forward to his continuing contributions as DNB strives to attain the maturity of the other divisions of the SICB. Thank you, David.

As the new Chair of DNB, I am grateful that Drs. Kiisa Nishikawa and Rich Satterlie have agreed to continue in the positions of Secretary and Program Officer. Their experience and insight will be invaluable as we work together for the continued development of DNB.

Perhaps our most important goal is to enhance the impact of DNB at the SICB Annual Meeting. To accomplish this, we need to establish scientifically exciting programs that will attract investigators and students, to exchange ideas with their peers and present the results of their research. Accordingly, beginning with the SICB 1998 Annual Meeting in Boston, DNB will sponsor an award of $100 for the Best Student Oral or Poster Presentation in neurobiology. We have also begun to plan for the first DNB-sponsored symposium at the SICB 1999 Annual Meeting in Denver.

If you have other suggestions for developing DNB, please let me know. It is not too early to start thinking of possible themes for symposia for the Annual Meeting in 2000. Please bring your ideas to Boston or send them (via e-mail or phone) to me.

We need several volunteers at the SICB 1998 Annual Meeting in Boston to help evaluate student presentations for the DNB Award for Excellence in Neurobiological Research. I also need volunteers to serve as DNB representatives on the SICB Public Affairs Committee (1997-99), and the SICB Graduate Student Support Committee. If you are interested please contact me (e-mail or phone).

Finally, a copy of the proposed bylaws for the DNB is attached below for your comment. This draft was prepared in consultation with Kiisa Nishikawa, David Prior and Rich Satterlie. It will be brought before the membership for approval at the Annual Meeting.

I am looking forward to meeting many of you in Boston.

Division of Neurobiology

Divisional Bylaws
(Proposed February 1997)

The proposed bylaws will be brought before the membership for approval at the SICB 1998 Annual Meeting in Boston, January 3-7, 1998.

Article I. Name and Purpose

    Section 1. Name
    The official name of this division of the SICB shall be "The Division of Neurobiology" hereafter called "Division."

    Section 2. Purpose
    The study of neurobiology is basic to theoretical and empirical biology. The purpose of this Division shall be to advance, coordinate and assist research and publication of this subject, and to act as a liaison between workers in the various scientific fields involved.

    Section 3. Organization
    Election and terms of officers of the Division of Neurobiology and the naming and administration of standing committees will be governed by the Constitution and Bylaws of SICB.

Article II.

    Section 1.
    Any member of the SICB may become a member of the Division of Neurobiology without payment of additional dues.

Article III. Administrative Organization

    Section 1. Officers
    The officers of the Division shall be a Chair, Secretary and Program Officer. The Chair, Secretary and Program Officer shall be elected for a term of one year and shall be eligible for re-election, except that the Chair shall not serve more than two terms. Elections for each of these offices shall occur individually and in consecutive years.

    Section 2. Elections
    Election of officers shall be by mail ballot of the Division. The names of candidates for offices shall be published in advance of a mail ballot. All officers shall assume the duties of their office following the annual Division business meeting.

    Section 3. Nominations for Chair
    Nominations for the office of Chair will be solicited by the Division officers. At least two candidates for the position shall be named. Candidates for Chair must be members in good standing of SICB.

    Section 4. Nominations for Secretary and Program Officer
    Nominations for the offices of Secretary and Program Officer shall be prepared by a Nominating Committee appointed by the Chair in consultation with the Division Executive Committee. At least two candidates for each office shall be named, and all candidates must be members in good standing of SICB.

    Section 5. Nominations by Petition
    Candidates for elected offices may be nominated by petition. Candidates nominated by petition must be members in good standing of SICB. A petition for additional nominations for any office may be made in writing to the Secretary by 10 members of the Division prior to March 15.

    Section 6. Executive Committee
    In intervals between meetings, the management of the Division shall be vested in an Executive Committee consisting of the elected officers of the Division.

    Section 7. Newsletter
    Officers of the Division of Neurobiology shall prepare materials regularly for the SICB Newsletter.

    Section 8. Committees
    Special committees may be authorized by the Executive Committee and shall be appointed by the Chair for one year. The Executive Committee should review the need for such committees as appropriate.

    Section 9. Finances
    The necessary expenses of the Division shall be disbursed from the treasury of the SICB, but in no year shall the total expenses of the Division exceed the amount specified by SICB. The Division budget shall be prepared and submitted by the Chair in consultation with the Executive Officer of SICB and the Division officers.

Article IV. Duties of the Officers

  • Section 1. Chair
    The Chair shall preside at the business meeting of the Division, shall be responsible for the program and meetings of the Division, and shall promote in every practical way the interests of the Division. The Chair shall represent the Division on the Executive Committee of SICB.

    Section 2. Secretary
    The Secretary shall keep the records of the Division, request and prepare materials for SICB newsletters, and shall perform such other duties as may be necessary and/or assigned. The Secretary shall assume the duties of the Chair whenever that person is absent or unable to act.

    Section 3. Program Officer
    The Program Officer shall solicit and arrange programs for meetings of the Division and shall coordinate special programs with the Program Officer of SICB. The Program Officer shall substitute for the Chair in the event that both the Chair and Secretary are unable to act.

Article V. Meetings of the Division

    Section 1. Business Meeting
    A business meeting of the Division of Neurobiology shall be held at least once a year in conjunction with the SICB Annual Meeting.

    Section 2. Special Meetings
    Division meetings may be held at other times and places on call of the Chair or when requested in writing by petition of 10 Division members in good standing. Notice shall be sent to each member of the Division sixty (60) days in advance of any such meeting.

Article VI. Amendments to the Bylaws

    Section 1.
    Proposed amendments to the Division Bylaws may be originated by the Executive Committee or by the members of the Division. Division Bylaws may be amended by at least two-thirds vote of the members of the Division present at any Annual Meeting of the Division or by at least two-thirds votes of the members responding to a mail ballot. Proposed amendments receiving at least two-thirds votes in the affirmative become effective 15 days after the ballots are counted.

Article VII. Cooperation

    Section 1.
    The Division of Neurobiology shall make every effort to coordinate its programs and activities with those of the Society for Neuroscience whenever such coordination and cooperation is in the best interests of the field of neurobiology and therefore of both SICB and the Society for Neuroscience.

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