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Submit Your Manuscripts to Experimental Biology Online

    Experimental Biology Online (EBO) is a new multimedia electronic journal sponsored by three societies with a membership of over 6,000 scientists worldwide: SICB, Society for Experimental Biology, and the Australian and New Zealand Society for Comparative Physiology and Biochemistry. The journal specializes in short, topical research papers on experimental biology in its broadest sense, ranging from the molecular and cellular boundaries to the integrative study of whole organisms, including the experimental analysis of behavior.

    All papers are submitted and peer-reviewed electronically either via e-mail or anonymous FTP server. This usage of the Internet at every step of the reviewing process leads to exceedingly short publication times of only a few weeks.

    Take a closer look at the journal. Visit EB0 at http://science. or If you think you may have a slow connection, please access EBO at service/journals/00898/index.htm .

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