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SICB 1999 Annual Meeting Symposia

    As a society, SICB promotes the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge and concepts in integrative and comparative biology and supports policies advancing innovative studies of organisms. This mission will prevail at the 1999 SICB Annual Meeting, Jan. 6-10, 1999, in Denver, Colo.

    Highlighting the meeting is a line-up of nine symposia:

    • "Organismal, Ecological and Evolutionary Significance of Heat Shock Proteins and the Heat Shock Response"
      Organized by Gretchen Hoffman, University of New Mexico and Martin Feder, University of Chicago
    • "Evolutionary Origin of Feathers"
      Organized by Paul F. A. Maderson, University of New York and Dominique Homberger, Louisiana State University
    • "Teaching Biology and the World Wide Web"
      Organized by Michael Blum and Stephen Nowicki, Duke University
    • "Phenotypic and Genotypic Strategies to Chronic Hypoxia"
      Organized by James W. Hicks, University of California and Frank L. Powell, University of California
    • "Tribute to Erika Plisetskaya: New Insights on Enteropancreatic Hormones"
      Organized by Mark A. Sheridan, North Dakota State University and Stacia Sower, University of New Hampshire
    • "Endocrine Disrupting Contaminants: From Gene to Ecosystems"
      Organized by Louis J. Guillette, Jr., University of Florida and D. Andrew Crain, University of Mississippi
    • "Evolution of Starfishes: Morphology, Molecules, Development and Paleobiology"
      Organized by Daniel Janies, American Museum of Natural History and Daniel Blake, University of Illinois
    • "Animal Consciousness: Historical, Theoretical and Empirical Perspectives"
      Organized by Matt Cartmill, Duke University and Irene Lofstrom, Duke University
    • "Function and Evolution of the Vertebrate Axis"
      Organized by John H. Long, Jr., Vassar College and Tom J. Koob, Shriners Hospital for Children

    In addition to the prearranged symposia, SICB is continuing its program of interdivisional sessions and committee workshops to foster new links in biology. Watch your mail for more information or visit the SICB web site at:

The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
1313 Dolley Madison Blvd Suite 402
McLean VA 22101
Phone: 703-790-1745 or 800-955-1236
FAX: 703-790-2672