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Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology (DEDB)

SICB's New Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology

Billie Swalla

Just a note to update you on the brand new SICB division, the Division of Evolutionary Developmental Biology. It is a temporary name until we decide on a name and bylaws at the first divisional meeting at the SICB Annual Meeting, Jan. 4-8, 2000, in Atlanta. We are extremely pleased that Rudy Raff has agreed to be chair of the new division, Jim Hanken has agreed to be the secretary and Mark Martindale has agreed to be the program officer. In addition, we are having a kick-off symposium in Atlanta to celebrate the new division, and I am going to come through on my promise to provide the champagne for the first divisional meeting. We are hoping this division will be one of the fastest growing divisions in SICB and will strengthen the present Division of Developmental and Cell Biology, as well as all the other related divisions, including Vertebrate Morphology, Invertebrate Zoology, Systematic and Evolutionary Biology, and Ecology and Evolution. Both Martin Feder and Alan Kohn were very helpful in getting together the new division, and their support and encouragement has been instrumental in getting off on the right track.

We are sponsoring a symposium to kick-off the new division, with the distinguished speakers listed below. I would like to personally thank Scott Gilbert for all his ideas and enthusiasm, as well as Richard Burian and Paula Mabee for their help in organizing this symposium. Please come by in Atlanta and see what we're all about. We are very happy to find a home in the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology, and look forward to future meetings and ideas.

Inaugral Symposium

  1. History and Outlook
    1. General Introduction
        Richard Burian, Virginia Tech
    2. Balfour, Garstang and DeBeer
        Brian Hall, Dalhousie University
    3. Baldwin, Waddington and Schmalhausen
        Scott Gilbert, Swarthmore College
    4. Richard Goldschmidt
        Michael Dietrich, Dartmouth College
    5. Julian Huxley and Allometry
        Brian Hall, Dalhousie University
    6. Jean Gayon, University of Paris VII
        Michael Donoghue, Harvard University
  2. Concepts
    1. Modularity in Development
        Jessica Bolker, University of New Hampshire
    2. Homology in Development
        Manfred Laubichler, Princeton University
    3. Co-option of Developmental Pathways
        Sean Carroll, University of Wisconsin
    4. Controversy Over the Use of Developmental Characters in Phylogeny
        Paula Mabee, University of South Dakota
    5. Morphometrics in Development and Evolution
        Louise Roth, Duke University
  3. Trajectories of Evo-Devo
    1. Where are we and Where do we go from here?
        Rudolf Raff, Indiana University
    2. Where are we and Where do we go from here?
        GŁnter Wagner, Yale University

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