SICB Journal: "Integrative and Comparative Biology"

The SICB publishes a journal entitled "Integrative and Comparative Biology", which is one of the most cited and highly respected journals in the field of biology. First published in 1961 as the "American Zoologist", the journal publishes symposia proceedings and abstracts from the Annual Meetings as well as book reviews, reports and special bulletins. The title of "American Zoologist" was changed to "Integrative and Comparative Biology" with the first issue of 2002, Vol. 42 No. 1.

Since January 1, 2006, ICB is published by Oxford University Press. The journal has a new web site with full content for SICB members and new online features including instructions for authors.

2018 Call for Nominations/Applications
Editor Search, Integrative and Comparative Biology

Integrative and Comparative Biology (ICB), formerly American Zoologist, is a journal of the Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology (SICB) published by Oxford University Press. The journal's primary focus is to integrate the varying disciplines in this broad field, while maintaining the highest scientific quality. ICB's peer-reviewed symposia provide first class syntheses of the top research in a field. ICB also publishes book reviews, reports, and special bulletins.

The journal seeks an Editor with a strong sense of the journal's relevance to the SICB community and with publishing and editorial experience. The Editor should have leadership skills to guide journal authors to produce their very best work. The Editor is a member of the SICB Executive Committee and chairs the editorial board of the journal. The initial term of the position is five years, which can be extended by mutual agreement and approval of the SICB Executive Committee. Financial compensation and assistance from a Managing Editor for day-to-day operations will be provided.

The primary areas of responsibility for the Editor include the overall editorial responsibility for the journal in maintaining and improving the journal's scientific quality; implementation of editorial policies as identified in the journal's mission statement; service as an ambassador and spokesperson for the journal, promoting it at relevant meetings and workshops; to work within an annually approved page budget; to work closely with the ICB Editorial Board, the SICB Executive Committee, and the Publisher; and to coordinate and seek synergies with SICB's open-access journal, Integrative Organismal Biology (IOB).

We seek interested individuals who have knowledge and experience with scientific journal management and publication, appropriate oral and written communication skills, scientific expertise, scientific review expertise and objectivity, evidence of leadership, creativity, and innovation related to scientific publication, fiscal experience and administration skills related to scientific enterprises, and a willingness to attend the annual SICB meetings. A history of active involvement in SICB is preferred.

We welcome personal applications and nominations. For the former, please provide a cover letter of no more than two pages with a summary of qualifications and experience; a concise curriculum vitae of no more than 4 pages; a two-page vision statement for the journal addressing personal ideas/philosophies on the operation of a journal like ICB, ideas for future development of the journal.

Please compile all application materials into a single PDF and send by email to the Chair of the ICB Editor Search Committee (Beth Brainerd - ). Application deadline is October 28, 2018. Nominations or letters identifying potential candidates can be sent as well. Evaluation of applications will begin immediately.