Making Flow Tanks

By Steven Vogel, Duke University

Type of Resource How to build devices or tools
Topic Other 
Taxa Other 
Organizational Level Organismal
Estimated time to do activity uncertain 
Background required/level any  
Role of activity in your course Our tanks have given service for classroom demonstrations, general laboratory exercises, larger-scale independent projects, and as a way to make photographs and short videos for subsequent use in lectures.  
Special tools, equipment or software needed Access to construction tools including ordinary power tools is essential; vendors for more specialized items are provided. Costs of flow tanks vary from less than $100 to over $1000, depending on size and quality of performance needed.  
Safety precautions, possible permissions necessary The usual precautions for construction projects should be taken.  
Miscellaneous advice - pitfalls to avoid Much of the piece is devoted to miscellaneous advice and pitfalls to avoid--one should not have to reinvent wheels.  
Frequently asked questions by students Not relevant  
Description Guidance for the design and construction of flow tanks (flumes) suitable for teaching and general laboratory use.  
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