Lecture Demonstrations

By Steven Vogel, Duke University

Type of Resource Class activity
Topic Other 
Taxa Other 
Organizational Level Organismal
Estimated time to do activity 1 to 5 minutes 
Background required/level variable 
Role of activity in your course As noted, I've used these to add immediacy to classes.  
What students might learn from this course or activity The take-home messages are too diverse to encapsulate.  
Special tools, equipment or software needed As noted for individual items. Most take very ordinary items.  
URLs uncertain 
Safety precautions, possible permissions necessary No permissions, no particular hazards to be alert for.  
Miscellaneous advice - pitfalls to avoid No 
Frequently asked questions by students Okay, what kind of side-show do we have today?  
Description This is a set of relatively simple things that add notes of reality to lectures, taking quite unsporting advantage of the closeness of biomechanics to everyday experience. 
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