Problems for assigning

By Steven Vogel, Duke University

Type of Resource Exam and homework questions
Topic Other 
Taxa Other 
Organizational Level Organismal
Estimated time to do activity variable 
Background required/level variable 
Role of activity in your course These are assigned to get people a little more involved (hands-on!) than the ordinary homework problems. They may not be subject the the usual numerical evaluations, they're used in a context in which that doesn't matter.  
What students might learn from this course or activity Among other things, they get much needed exposure to a world of physical models, hardware, and manual manipulation rather than the sanitized world of digital simulation.  
Special tools, equipment or software needed As specified in individual items. Cost are very modest.  
URLs None 
Safety precautions, possible permissions necessary No special hazards present themselves - as far as I can see.  
Miscellaneous advice - pitfalls to avoid Don't get too judgmental! 
Description These problems are in addition to the end-of-chapter ones in "Comparative Biomechanics, 2nd edition. They're more open ended and may require a little more manipulation of household materials than the ones in the book.  
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