Are you strong enough, or tough enough?

By Peter Purslow, University of Guelph

Type of Resource Exam and homework questions
Topic Materials/biomaterials
Taxa Widely applicable
Organizational Level Tissue
Estimated time to do activity 1-2 hrs 
Background required/level 1st year undergrad science 
Role of activity in your course One of a series through the course that is a major vehicle for self-directed education and assessment of understanding 
What students might learn from this course or activity Students learn
- basic concepts of biomaterials/biomechanics
- research and precis skills
- presentation skills (oral presentation (with overhead slides) of findings required)
Miscellaneous advice - pitfalls to avoid Short oral presentations with limited overheads greatly reduces the occurrence of block-copying (plagiarism) from internet sites on homework assignments 
Frequently asked questions by students If this exercise is used as an assessment, do only those people picked to present their overheads get assessed?

- No, everyone in the class gets assessed; all hand in their two overhead sheets ( whether presented, or used in subsequent class discussion, or not) for grading.
Description A short set of questions as an "exit topic" - i.e. homework research/reading. Answers required on not more than two overhead acetates; at beginning of next class, people are selected at random to present their acetates and lead a discussion on the topic. 
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