Educational Abstracts from SICB Annual Meetings

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P2.11 GONZALEZ, Yessy M; WALKENHORST, Holly; HATCH, Kent jesm@email.byu.eduThe Effect of Current Velocity on the Critical Oxygen Tension of Rana pipiens
P3.43 ARMSTRONG, S.L.; MCKEOWN, J.P. armstsl@millsaps.eduStarting an Undergraduate Field Research Program
P3.44 LONDRAVILLE, RL; NIEWIAROWSKI, PH; SHAUVER, L; SPENCER, J londraville@uakron.eduInquiry labs for Biology majors result in significant improvements in logical thinking skills, confidence in biology, and attitude toward science.
P3.45 MEAD, K. S. meadk@denison.eduBlood Sugar And Exercise: Inquiry-Based Laboratory Exercises About Homeostasis.
19.3 BURIAN, R.M. rmburian@vt.eduOn the Difficult of Using Nucleotide Sequences Alone to Define Genes
38.2 MAISANO, J.A.* maisano@mail.utexas.eduHigh-Resolution X-ray CT and the Digital Library of Morphology
61.1 HURNEY, Carol A; BABCOCK, Sharon K; PESCE, Andrea hurneyca@jmu.eduA Novel, Integrative Approach to Introductory Biology
61.2 HIEBERT , S.M. shieber1@swarthmore.eduFacts and more facts: using general principles to help students make sense of biology
61.3 HOESE, WJ; ONO, JK; KANDEL, J; CASEM, ML; KOCH, R; DICKSON, K bhoese@fullerton.eduHerding Cats: Using Faculty Collaboratives and a Professional Facilitator to Reform Core Biology Curriculum at a Comprehensive University
61.4 MORSE, M. Patricia mpmorse@u.washington.eduTeacher Scholar Partnerships: Civic Engagement for Undergraduate Biologists in K-12 Schools
61.5 BUTCHER, M.T.*; BERTRAM, J.E.A. mtb9305@garnet.acns.fsu.eduNewton’s Laws of Motion and jumping performance: A lab exercise investigating jump distance increases due to added hand-held weight.
61.6 MYERS, Marcella J. The Confidence to Use Confidence Intervals:Moving Students toward More Sophisticated Analyses
61.7 BOILY, Patrice pboily@uno.eduEffectiveness using of computer-based tools to teach a junior-level physiology course
61.8 SILVERTHORN, D.U. silverthorn@mail.utexas.eduDiscovering What Students Know: High-Tech and Low-Tech Alternatives
61.9 RYAN, W.L. ryan@kutztown.eduUsing AmphibiaWeb as a Model for Guided Inquiry
61.10 THYS, Tierney/M tierney@seastudios.comThe Shape of Life: The Story of the Animal Kingdom
61.11 HOSSFELD, Uwe; OLSSON, Lennart b1olle@pop3.uni-jena.deErnst Haeckel and the 1908 Nobel Prize for Literature