Educational Abstracts from SICB Annual Meetings

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P1.74 MEAD, K. S. meadk@denison.eduHow Do You Make Peer Review Safe And Effective In An Undergraduate Science
P1.75 DAVIS, G.; HRANITZ, J.M.*; BRUBAKER, K.D.; HANSEN, C.A. jhranitz@bloomu.eduDesign and Implementation of a Broad-based Student Research Course in Biotechnology
P1.76 FRANCL, J.; ALLEN, F.; BAGATTO, B.*; OBERST, M.C. bagatto@uakron.eduThe Muehlstein Academy: Using a Tiered Approach in the Research Experience
P1.77 TIMMERMAN, Briana; STRICKLAND, Denise; CARSTENSEN, Sue; SINGER, Jonathan; WOODIN, Sarah' prior knowledge and the effectiveness of an innovative new curriculum
P1.78 GILLEN, C.M.; VAUGHAN, J.R.; LYE, B.R. gillenc@kenyon.eduUsing primary literature in a course for non-science majors.
P1.79 NEMCHONOK, E.*; BENO, C.; GILCHRIST, S. gilchrist@ncf.eduThe Marine Lab Outreach Project: Combining formal and informal marine education
P2.94 TWEETEN, K.A.*; JANIGA, A.M. katweeten@stkate.eduAnalysis of Serine Proteases from Lumbriculus variegatus
P1.97 HUGHES, Bradley/S; CULLUM, Alistair/J; BENNETT, Albert/F bhughes@uci.eduExperimental Evolutionary Adaptation to Environmental pH in the Bacterium Escherichia coli
P3.108 BROWN, KR; WALTERS, LJ; GLARDON, CG; BLACK, MW; SACKS, PE; BEACH, KS; STAM, WT; OLSEN, JL the "Killer Alga" in Florida? Field Collections, Retail and E-Commerce Availability of Caulerpa in the Sunshine State
17.1 MYERS, M.J. mjmyers@stkate.eduCompetency Plus Excellency: An Evaluation Scheme Aimed at Changing Learning
17.2 HIEBERT, Sara M. shieber1@swarthmore.eduUsing Learning Journals in the Biology Classroom
17.3 HOESE, W.J.*; WALKER, S.E. bhoese@fullerton.eduAssessing College Studentsí Understanding of Insect Diversity
17.4 MCGUINNESS*, C; WOODIN, S timcandace@bellsouth.netDrosophila and BioLogica: A match made in Heaven or Hell?
17.5 ANDERSON-STYGLES, J.P.; ROSS, S. janderson5112@comcast.netGK-12 and the University of Southern Mississippi: integrating university resources into K-12 classrooms