Educational Abstracts from SICB Annual Meetings

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P2.9 LONG, J.A.*; HORTON, B.M. Jennifer.Long@umit.maine.eduBringing Ornithology to K-12 Classrooms
P2.10 SURMACZ, Cynthia A. csurmacz@bloomu.eduAnimal Locomotion: Bringing Structure-Function Relationships to Life in the Introductory Biology Lab
P2.11 SHETLAR, R rshetlar@mail.ucf.eduThe effect of active learning strategies in undergraduate biology education
P2.12 WISE, S. B. sarah.wise@colorado.eduPresenting a summer symposium on teaching evolution
P2.13 LOVELY, E.C.*; KONDRICK, L.C. eric.lovely@mail.atu.eduEvolving Student Attitudes: Teaching Evolution in Arkansas.
P2.14 BOLKER, J.A.*; GANNETT, C. jbolker@cisunix.unh.eduUsing fictional species to teach real science
P2.15 IKEMIRE, Montana*; REPENNING, Peter; TIFFANY, III, William J. wtiffany@ncf.eduAn Integrated Approach to Teaching Field Ecology
P2.16 WALTERS, LJ Research and Service: An Example of a Very Successful Educatorsí Workshop on Coral Reef Ecology and Restoration
P2.17 DIAZ, M.C.; THACKER, R.W.*; COLLIN, R. thacker@uab.eduTaxonomy and Ecology of Caribbean Sponges: Effective Training for New Investigators
P2.18 FRIED, Glenn *; GROSSER, Benjamin; MAU, Christopher; BLASI, Laura gfried@uiuc.eduDocumenting Xyloplax Using a Virtual Scanning Electron Microscope
P3.38 JENSEN, BH; PULICE, E* jensenb@strose.eduIntact Teleostian Ovarian Follicles as a Potential Detector of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and an Undergratuate Level Teaching Tool
6.1 KELLY, D. A. diane@zygotegames.comUsing Games to Reinforce Facts and Concepts in the Biological Sciences
6.2 KENNEDY, Natalia K.*; WORDEN, Kelly J.; RUSSELL, Arlene A.; FREKING, Fred F. nwideman@ucla.eduThe GK-12 Program at the University of California, Los Angeles: Making Science Exciting for Students in Urban Schools
6.3 TANKERSLEY, R.A.*; WINDSOR, J.G.; HANSELMAN, J.A. rtankers@fit.eduInSTEP: Enhancing Science Education Through Graduate Student-Teacher Partnerships
6.4 TIMMERMAN, BE*; STRICKLAND, DC peer review improve freshman lab reports and does experience with peer review improve studentsí scientific reasoning skills?