Educational Abstracts from SICB Annual Meetings

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S10.1 MORSE, M/P mpmorse@u.washington.eduVision of the SICB Digital Library
S10.2 HIEBERT, S.M. shieber1@swarthmore.eduWhy you need the SICB Digital Library: its place in current pedagogy
S10.3 FISH, F.E. ffish@wcupa.eduThe topic of Biomechanics - Why is this a good first topic for SICBDL and how are new topics brought in?
S10.4 DANIELT, T.L.*; KOEHL, M.A.R. danielt@u.washington.eduThe role of computation, engineering, physics and mathematics in learning biomechanics
S10.5 BIRENHEIDE, R.*; MERZ, R.A. webmaster@sicb.orgRolling out the SICB Library - What are the procedures for submission and review?
S10.6 VOGEL, S svogel@duke.eduAcademic Scientists Involved in Education - A Need for the SICB Digital Library
P1.35 BARRAZA, U.*; CUEVA, L.; FIGUEROA, A.; FISLER, S.; HALL , L.; RANGEL, N.; SILLAS, S.; SWIMMER, Y., WANG, J. sharafisler@aquaticadventures.orgDeveloping Strategies to Reduce Incidental Capture of Sea Turtles
P3.96 EIDIETIS, L.*; COFFMAN, M. leidieti@emich.eduCrazy Classroom Critters: using scientific inquiry in teacher education
P3.97 MOREHOUSE, Nathan I.*; DAVIS, Jonathan R. nmorehouse@asu.eduA Science Mentoring Model for Partnerships Between Graduate Research Communities and Public School Classrooms
P3.98 JACOBS, MW*; COMMUNITY VOLUNTEERS, ; BARSH, R; STROM, S; WYLLIE-ECHEVERRIA, T mwjacobs@u.washington.eduPlankton Communities: A Unique Partnership Between Scientists and Members of the Public, and an Opportunity for Long-Term Monitoring
P3.99 GILLEN, C.M. gillenc@kenyon.eduTeaching students to recognize interpretation and criticism in research articles
P3.100 THACKER, R.W.; COLLIN, R.*; DIAZ, C.M.; LAMBERT, G; ROCHA, R; LAMBERT, C collinr@si.eduTraining in Tropical Taxonomy: Training for New Investigators in the Field and Laboratory
P3.101 BEI, D*; HOESE, WJ dbei@fullerton.eduMisunderstanding the Unambiguous: Student Misconceptions in Phylogenetic Systematics
P3.102 DENNIS, Douglas*; DEUTCH, Chuck; MARSHALL, Pamela; MOORE, Elisabeth; DIXIT, Neha douglas.dennis@asu.eduEmploying the Desert Tree Lizard (Urosaurus ornatus) as a Thematic Organism to Integrate the Curriculum
14.6 COTTER, P/A; EVERSON, J/J; RODNICK, K/J* afpac1@uaa.alaska.eduA Novel Assessment of Hemodynamics in the Intact Trout Heart
41.1 BADE, L.M. lmbpb2@umsl.eduFuture Ecologists As Researchers: A F.E.A.R. Factor Summer in St Louis
41.2 LEE, DN dnl62e@umsl.eduUsing animal behavior to teach the scientific process in a high school environment
41.3 HARRIS, Michelle A. maharris@wisc.eduGrading Student Lab Papers and Oral Presentations Fairly and Consistently Using Rubrics
41.4 FISLER, Shara sharafisler@aquaticadventures.orgSea the Future of Science: Increasing Diversity through Cross Sector Collaboration
41.5 HANKEN, J. hanken@oeb.harvard.eduThe future of university-based natural history museums: lessons from history