Digital Library Submittal Instructions - Invertebrates: Clicker Questions

General Instructions

Follow the submittal process as instructed. You will go through several "pages" of submittal forms; fill in the fields where appropriate. In the final step you will be asked to select files to be submitted with your entry. View the guidelines below regarding these files.

Guidelines for files submitted to the SICB Digital Library

Clicker Questions

Clickers are wireless personal response systems that are increasingly used to gather feedback from students. Anonymous answers are collected to a question from every student, who is accountable for his/her own answer. Here, we provide a collection of clicker questions that are used in teaching concepts associated with Invertebrate Zoology.

If you are new to clickers, here are some resources from various universities in the country on how to use and construct clicker questions

Ohio University includes case studies of clicker use (

Vanderbilt University - includes extensive information about teaching with clickers e.g., well-developed, disciplined specific bibliography (

University of British Columbia (Carl Wieman Science Initiative) - includes videos and question banks (


  1. Upload format. Often clicker questions are embedded in PowerPoint slides with customized software created by the response system companies. These slides (in .ppt or .pptx format) can be uploaded directly to this database in step 2. Slides are encouraged if figures or tables are part of the questions. However, question form still need to be completed (step 1) to make sure the database is searchable.
  2. Style. Our standard, use of which we strongly urge, is "Scientific Style and Format: The CBE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers" (Cambridge University Press). In particular, follow its conventions for any abbreviations, all punctuation, symbols, italicization, and numbers in text.
  3. SI units are preferred, although other metric units (centimeters, calories, etc.) may be used where conventional. Non-metric units, if needed, should be put in parentheses following the SI or metric unit, except where the unit refers to the standard measure of a commercial item (lumber, pipes, etc.) in the United States - for these reverse the convention.
  4. Include proper citation if peer-review articles or other sources of information are used.
  5. One requirement transcends in importance all of the above. Everything submitted must be easily understandable and completely implementable by someone besides the person submitting.


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