Editor, Editorial Board, Integrative and Comparative Biology

Editor Email: editor@sicb.org
Editorial Board Email: icb.editorialboard@sicb.org

The Editorial Board advises the Editor in matters relating to journal policy, with particular reference to determining editorial and business policies for the journal. SICB Bylaws, Article XV, Section 5 provides details on the selection of the editorial board.

Terms start at the end of the annual meeting of the year indicated.

Editor-in-Chief Lynn Martin 01/2016-01/2021 
Associate Editor Anna Ahn 05/2016-01/2021 
Associate Editor Cameron Ghalambor 01/2016-01/2021 
Associate Editor Ryan Earley 01/2016-01/2021 
Associate Editor H. Art Woods 01/2016-01/2021 
Assist. Editor - Animal Behavior Tracy Langkilde 01/2017-01/2022 
Assist. Editor - Comparative Biomechanics Tyson Hedrick 07/2016-01/2021 
Assist. Editor - Comparative Endocrinology Rosemary Knapp 01/2018-01/2023 
Assist. Editor - Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry Donovan German 01/2016-01/2021 
Assist. Editor - Ecoimmunology & Disease Ecology Ken Field 08/2014-01/2020 
Assist. Editor - Ecology & Evolution Michael Dillon 01/2017-01/2022 
Assist. Editor - Evolutionary Developmental Biology David Plachetzki 01/2018-01/2023 
Assist. Editor - Invertebrate Zoology Bruno Pernet 01/2015-01/2020 
Assist. Editor - Neurobiology, Neuroethology, & Sensory Biology Petra Lenz 01/2018-01/2023 
Assist. Editor - Phylogenetics & Comparative Biology Lars Schmitz 01/2014-01/2019 
Assist. Editor - Vertebrate Morphology Sharlene Santana 01/2016-01/2021 
Assistant Editor Manny Azizi 01/2016-01/2019 
Assistant Editor Robert Cox 01/2018-01/2022 
Assistant Editor Anjali Goswami 01/2018-01/2022 
Assistant Editor Stephane Hourdez 01/2016-01/2020 
Assistant Editor David Julian 03/2016-01/2019 
Assistant Editor Brent Sinclair 02/2018-01/2022 
Assistant Editor Ann Tarrant 03/2016-01/2019