Editor, Editorial Board, Integrative and Comparative Biology

The Editorial Board advises the Editor in matters relating to journal policy, with particular reference to determining editorial and business policies for the journal. SICB Bylaws, Article XV, Section 5 provides details on the selection of the editorial board.

Terms start at the end of the annual meeting of the year indicated.

Editor-in-Chief Lynn Martin 01/2016-01/2021 
Associate Editor Anna Ahn 05/2016-01/2021 
Associate Editor Cameron Ghalambor 01/2016-01/2021 
Associate Editor Ryan Earley 01/2016-01/2021 
Associate Editor H. Art Woods 01/2016-01/2021 
Assist. Editor - Animal Behavior Tracy Langkilde 01/2017-01/2022 
Assist. Editor - Comparative Biomechanics Tyson Hedrick 07/2016-01/2021 
Assist. Editor - Comparative Endocrinology Rosemary Knapp 01/2018-01/2023 
Assist. Editor - Comparative Physiology & Biochemistry Donovan German 01/2016-01/2021 
Assist. Editor - Ecoimmunology & Disease Ecology Ken Field 08/2014-01/2020 
Assist. Editor - Ecology & Evolution Michael Dillon 01/2017-01/2022 
Assist. Editor - Evolutionary Developmental Biology David Plachetzki 01/2018-01/2023 
Assist. Editor - Invertebrate Zoology Bruno Pernet 01/2015-01/2020 
Assist. Editor - Neurobiology, Neuroethology, & Sensory Biology Petra Lenz 01/2018-01/2023 
Assist. Editor - Phylogenetics & Comparative Biology Lars Schmitz 01/2014-01/2019 
Assist. Editor - Vertebrate Morphology Sharlene Santana 01/2016-01/2021 
Assistant Editor Manny Azizi 01/2016-01/2019 
Assistant Editor Robert Cox 01/2018-01/2022 
Assistant Editor James Gillooly 01/2018-01/2022 
Assistant Editor Anjali Goswami 01/2018-01/2022 
Assistant Editor Stephane Hourdez 01/2016-01/2020 
Assistant Editor David Julian 03/2016-01/2019 
Assistant Editor Brent Sinclair 02/2018-01/2022 
Assistant Editor Ann Tarrant 03/2016-01/2019