Student Support Committee

This committee is responsible for overseeing all SICB activities related to student support as directed by the Executive Committee. SICB Bylaws, Article XV, Section 7 provides details on the membership of this committee.

Terms start at the end of the annual meeting of the year indicated.

Chair Ryan Earley 01/2012-01/2018 
Member John Bertram 01/2013-01/2018 
Member Matthew Lovern 01/2014-01/2018 
Member Cynthia Downs 01/2015-01/2018 
Member Marianne Moore 01/2015-01/2018 
Member James Strother 01/2015-01/2018 
Member Christine Bedore 01/2016-01/2019 
Member Monica Daley 01/2016-01/2019 
Member William Hoese 01/2016-01/2019 
Member Cory Williams 01/2016-01/2019 
Member Katie Staab 01/2017-01/2020 
Ex Officio - Treasurer Karen Martin 01/2013-01/2019