For Students

Students are an important part of the SICB. Students bring an exciting new perspective and excitement in the science they present. SICB values this next generation of scientists and shows it in many ways. Annual meetings have opportunities for students to earn monetary support and participate in the program of the meeting. There are several programs aimed at supporting student attendance at the annual meeting and for supporting student research.

Student Awards

Divisions of the SICB provide competitive student awards for best oral contributed papers and posters at the annual meeting. See Student Awards page for more details.


SICB also has two standing committees that serve student members: the Student Postdoctoral Affairs Committee to provide programs of special interest to student and postdoctoral members at the annual meeting, and the Student Support Committee for overseeing grants and travel awards to students. A full member serves as chair of the Student/Postdoctoral Affairs Committee, with graduate or postdoctoral students appointed from each division. Full members of the society serve on the Student Support Committee.

Annual Meeting Support for Students

  • Charlotte Mangum Student Support Program - provides financial support to students in the form of housing subsidies or waived registration fees at the annual meetings in exchange for work. Students may receive support to attend the annual meeting for up to three years.
  • Dorothy M. Skinner Award - for women Ph.D. students and postdoctoral fellows.

Research Support for Students